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File: Natur Enemy Castbar09-22-14
Cooldown bar not animating smoothly
Posted By: DaBigNob
I'm playing a rogue, and I noticed a problem with this addon when doing a Kidney Shot. The cooldown bar appears, but as it's counting down, the bar tends to jerk up and down, increasing and decreasing sporadically. It doesn't just count down smoothly and continually decrease. It'll freeze for a moment or two, then bump up for a li...
File: DoTimer Fix for 5.109-15-14
This addon is still crashing
Posted By: DaBigNob
I've been trying to use this addon, including this 5.1 fix and it's still crashing. It causes wow to completely hang at various times. I've tried uninstalling Atlas but it doesn't help. But when it does crash (i,e, hang), I can alt tab out and hit ctrl-alt-delete to bring up the Task Manager and kill the unresponsive wow.exe, so...
File: LightHeaded10-22-10
Re: FPS drop when viewing quest log
Posted By: DaBigNob
Just adding another voice to this... I'm having the exact same issues that Riadh mentions here. HUGE FPS drop. EveryQuest opens up lightheaded, and it only shows the selected quest for a fraction of a second before the quest log flips to the quest that was already selected in the quest log. I've had to uninstall LightHeaded for no...
File: ArkInventory12-20-08
Feature request - tooltip anchoring
Posted By: DaBigNob
First, thank you for your continual support of this addon. I've been using the custom rules feature extensively for the past couple of months now, and it is just excellent how this allows me to organize and categorize my inventory. It's become one of those features that I now can't live without. Anyway, thanks for the job well don...
File: DoTimer12-18-08
Just a little heads up regarding a...
Posted By: DaBigNob
Just a little heads up regarding a bug I've experienced in an ongoing basis... I've been experiencing problems with this addon and my Rogue poisions. If I die and rez, it seems to forget that I have posions applied. After rezzing, the aura bars don't show up in the listing. My main hand and offhand poision auras are both missin...
File: IceHUD12-17-08
Re: Re: Possible bug with TargetInfo set focus, and a couple of minor feature requests
Posted By: DaBigNob
Originally posted by Parnic I'm glad you like the addon and thank you for the suggestions, critiques, and compliments. :) I just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to answer all my questsions. I appreciate all the hard work and time you and all the other addon authors put in to writing all these amazing addons.
File: IceHUD12-17-08
Re: De-cluttering the UI/Text
Posted By: DaBigNob
Originally posted by Mallakkai Hi folks, I've been using this HUD off and on for quite a while and I really enjoy it, thanks for the great work! One thing that has driven me away from the HUD has been my in ability to turn off a variety of the text labels for various things...(taget level, class, name guild name etc..) And an in...
File: IceHUD12-06-08
Possible bug with TargetInfo set focus, and a couple of minor feature requests
Posted By: DaBigNob
***Crossposted on both Curse and WoWInterface*** I have three comments, including one that might be a bug (or perhaps just an addon conflict). I'll list them in decreasing priority... First, regarding the potential bug or conflict, It is related to the TargetInfo module. Whenever I right-click it to bring up the menu and the...
File: ArkInventory12-01-08
lag/hang when moving arkinv windows
Posted By: DaBigNob
I've notived that whenever I drag the ArkInventory windows around on my screen, it more often than not results in a temporary hang that lasts about 5 to 10 seconds. Could this be caused by the "frame level" bug mentioned in the FAQ? I'm going to try and disable the bug workaround option in ArkInv and see if it makes any differe...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch10-25-08
Cross-posting this from the origina...
Posted By: DaBigNob
Cross-posting this from the original addon page for archival purposes... This is a MetaHud feature request... Thanks for taking the time to revive this addon. I've used it for almost two years and I love it. it's the best HUD addon out there IMHO. I play a rogue and the way this hud shows the combo points, the buildup of energy...
File: MetaHud10-25-08
Originally posted by Nuckin I jus...
Posted By: DaBigNob
Originally posted by Nuckin I just submitted the project called "MetaHud - Nuckin Branch" to and it is currently pending approval. When/If it is aproved, there is a 3.0.2 working package of the Hud itself, the options frame is also included which has 2 errors within it with 3.0.2. BUT the errors within the option...
File: MetaHud10-22-08
Thank you Nuckin
Posted By: DaBigNob
Originally posted by Nuckin I am currently working on updating this mod and its options interface for 3.0, so far I have the HUD itself working perfectly with 3.0, in part thanks to the posts in this section. Currently I am planning to re-release this as MetaHud2 to differentiate my branch from the original author's. If MetaHaw...