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File: Diplomancer02-25-17
Update on Conjurer Margoss?
Posted By: myrroddin
I peeked at the code, and blimey, I am not touching that! Sadly, that means I cannot provide a patch for you guys. Instead, I will give you the particulars. Conjurer Margoss: FactionID = 1975 Subzone = Margoss' Retreat (island off Legion's Dalaran) or Margoss's Retreat. LibBabble-SubZone supports both spellings. Note, on Ll...
File: ColorPickerPlus02-25-17
Potentially stupid question...
Posted By: myrroddin
As an author of AddOns, how would I support this in my code? Is it a drop n replace for the default colour picker? There is an AceOptions-3.0 call to "color" to use the colour picker in the Interface/AddOns list; will that be affected?
File: Diplomancer11-24-16
After disabling ElkFaction's auto r...
Posted By: myrroddin
After disabling ElkFaction's auto rep watcher, Diplomancer starting more consistently again. There are a few areas where it does switch the watched reputation, but there are delays, either time or by doing something in game. Notably, it doesn't pick up that Shal'Aran is Nightfallen faction, but once you leave the cave, it adjusts....
File: Diplomancer11-22-16
*Edit* There is one new subzone of...
Posted By: myrroddin
*Edit* There is one new subzone of Dalaran with a related faction. Margoss's Retreat - Conjurer Margoss. In order to gain reputation with him, you must fish up some magic stuff and turn it in to him. The item is also used to purchase items from him. I didn't know about this, but the rest of the stuff you mentioned has already been a...
File: Diplomancer11-19-16
Phanx and Talyrius, as you might ha...
Posted By: myrroddin
Phanx and Talyrius, as you might have surmised, Legion zones don't have subzone factions. Oh sure, there is the occasional hub that, for Alliance, might contain Gilneas for example. But none of the quests in the hub give Gilneas reputation. I'd imagine it is the same for Horde. The world quests are the odd man out, especially w...
File: Aurora10-26-16
Guild Bank skin is broken after 7.1...
Posted By: myrroddin
Guild Bank skin is broken after 7.1Here is the error. 1x AuroraBlizzard_GuildBankUI.lua:25: attempt to index field 'GuildBankPopupFrameTopLeft' (a nil value) AuroraBlizzard_GuildBankUI.lua:25: in function `addonModule' Aurora\aurora-7.1.0.lua:859: in function : in function `LoadAddOn' FrameXML\UIParent.lu...
File: Diplomancer09-04-16
Re: Legion and Alliance
Posted By: myrroddin
I only have one so far: Azsuna, unless I find specific subzones, is entirely attuned to "Court of Farondis" faction. Highmountain's related faction is Highmountain Tribe.
File: Diplomancer08-30-16
Legion and Alliance
Posted By: myrroddin
I only have one so far: Azsuna, unless I find specific subzones, is entirely attuned to "Court of Farondis" faction.
File: Aurora08-07-16
[bug] ChatBubbles.lua GetTexture (a nil value)
Posted By: myrroddin
This is weird. I installed Aurora yesterday and had no errors. I changed nothing, and today I get endlessly slammed. While this does say 276 instances, that's where I cut it off the second time after a /reloadui. The first time it was over 1000 and climbing. 276x Aurora\Other\ChatBubbles.lua:33: attempt to call method 'GetTexture' (...
File: MiirGui Icon Pack [Grey]07-15-16
I get yelled at a lot for using GIM...
Posted By: myrroddin
I get yelled at a lot for using GIMP over PS, but I was unaware that PS could handle things like this. Looks like I may be changing my preference.Gimp supports batch processing. There probably is more complex solutions, just read the docs.
File: Output07-09-16
Posted By: myrroddin
With this, can you output library or AddOn API, or exclusively Blizzard API?
File: Bugger06-24-16
[bug] Legion Beta index a nil value
Posted By: myrroddin
Bugger's window won't open on the beta, so I'll type the error best I can. Bugger- lua 329 "attempt to get length of field "tabs" (a nil value) (x1) And when you click the minimap button or LDB button, you get this error. Bugger- lua 399 attempt to index a nil value (x2)Hopefully that helps!
File: Plater Nameplates05-24-16
change log?
Posted By: myrroddin
It would be nice if you had or used a change log, rather than downloading the zip, extracting, and comparing Lua files. :)
File: Premade Filter05-12-15
I was looking at your screenshots,...
Posted By: myrroddin
I was looking at your screenshots, and I like what you have done. If I may make a suggestion when you are localizing, refer to the global strings, which automatically translate many words and phrases. For example, here is the game translating the word "French": print(FRFR) > French -- English clients > Francais -- French client...
File: Guild Bank Snapshots04-18-15
Posted By: myrroddin
Nice and clean. You could always add scanning the entire bank, if you so wish. http://www.wowace.com/addons/libguildbankcomm-1-0/
File: oUF Phanx04-10-15
Adding Auras
Posted By: myrroddin
Phanx, I have successfully added Void Entropy for my Shadow Priest. By default, oUF_Phanx supports Shadow Word: Pain and Vampiric Embrace. However, when I try adding Devouring Plague (not supported by default) it takes it until I either reload the UI or logout/exit from the game. I could be doing something wrong, of course, but pe...
File: Aurora04-06-15
Some minimap buttons
Posted By: myrroddin
Haleth, I like what you have done with the place, looks very spiffy. Just wondering if you plan on skinning the Garrison, LFG, and Calendar minimap buttons? If they are already skinned, any ideas why they aren't for me? Just looks odd having those stand out from the rest of my nice clean square buttons.
File: Aurora04-06-15
Re: No Aurora menu!!
Posted By: myrroddin
Hi!! I dont have the aurora menu :S, its not in "Interface" and is not shown when i type "/aurora"... Any help?Click the AddOns button on your character select screen. Do you have Aurora listed? Is it enabled? Do you have Load out of date AddOns turned on (you should)? Then, when you are in the game, hit Esc, and click the A...
File: oUF Phanx03-16-15
Re: Re: config options error again :(
Posted By: myrroddin
...Please update and report back...So far, the update has fixed the error with both oUF_Phanx and PhanxBuffs. Thank you!
File: oUF Phanx03-14-15
config options error again :(
Posted By: myrroddin
Phanx, I see someone posted the error already, but since this is a newer version ( from Curse rather than Wowinterface, I thought you might want to know. I get this error with both oUF_Phanx and PhanxBuffs, but not Diplomancer. I do not know about PhanxChat, as I do not have it installed. 3x ...hanxConfig-OptionsPanel\Ph...
File: SuperVillain UI03-12-15
new AceConfigDialog bug with SVUI 1.1.07
Posted By: myrroddin
I have Zygor Guide View installed, and it otherwise seems to work as intended. However, going into its options and selecting the Inventory submenu throws an error an will not display its settings. 2x ...nfig-3.0\AceConfigDialog-3.0\AceConfigDialog-3.0-60.lua:1803: AceConfigRegistry-3.0-999999999:ValidateOptionsTable(): ZygorGuidesVi...
File: SuperVillain UI03-11-15
[v 1.1.06] Yellow bars across skins still exist
Posted By: myrroddin
Mung, you are probably still working on this, but just to update, I still see yellow bars washing out CoolLine and Bodyguard Health (not shown) which did not exist a couple of patches ago. I have circled CoolLine.http://imageshack.com/a/img661/7933/bygihT.jpg
File: SuperVillain UI03-11-15
This is new, and handy. Several err...
Posted By: myrroddin
This is new, and handy. Several errors in SVUI, all generated by itself. This is with SVUI v1.1.06 Core : @(03/11/15 09:12:29) - Interface\AddOns\SVUI_Inventory\SVUI_Inventory.lua:881: attempt to index field 'junk' (a nil value) Core : @(03/11/15 09:26:52) - Interface\AddOns\SVUI_Inventory\SVUI_Inventory.lua:881: attempt to index...
File: SuperVillain UI03-08-15
Question about skinning other AddOns...
Posted By: myrroddin
Munglunch, I was wondering what you, as an author, need to skin someone else's AddOn? Do they need a skinning API listed in the global table? I write SmartRes2, and am curious what I would need to do in order for it to be skinned. I do not write Bodyguard Health, but what would be required to skin that? For that matter, can the...
File: SuperVillain UI03-07-15
Yellow bars across skins
Posted By: myrroddin
Munglunch, thank you for the explanation of why you are overriding the Ace3 libs, and ancillary libs. Those seem to be fixed now. With build r20150307221226 (showing up as 1.1.03 in game) I see yellow bars across Bodyguard Health and Coolline that did not exist before. Must be a skinning issue. Also, Zygor Guide Viewer, bottom...