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File: Combuctor10-22-10
Bagnon Tooptips
Posted By: Eba
I'm finding my frame rate drops quite a bit with the tooltips running. Any chance that being a switchable thing without reloading the ui? enabling or disabling that? (hope that makes sense...)
File: TipTac03-01-10
Re: anchor trouble
Posted By: Eba
Figured it out. Any my deepest apologies for even bothering anyone with this... I use CTMOD and this was particularly CTCore that was doing it. There is an option in there for Tooltip Relocation the choices are Default, On mouse, On anchor. Should be on Default for this to work correctly mine was on anchor. I'm not sure if an...
File: TipTac02-27-10
anchor trouble
Posted By: Eba
Just updated with latest and everything seems okay except one thing. The tooltip anchor does not seem to work correctly for me. The anchor was still where I had set it, but the actual tip is showing up way in the bottom of the screen (it maybe default bliz position been so long since i changed it I dont know). The mouse anchor s...
File: Dailies Quest Tracker08-11-09
Fritos not to rush ya, but how long...
Posted By: Eba
Fritos not to rush ya, but how long do you think on the rewrite?
File: Titan Panel08-07-09
Originally posted by Eba just dro...
Posted By: Eba
Originally posted by Eba just dropped fubar and finally caught up to the 21st century... only thing I can't figure out is my player frame doesn't shift down for the single top bar that im using. Minimap does and shifts up accordingly when i turn that option off and on. but the player, well and the target frame do not. Any suggestio...
File: Titan Panel08-06-09
new to titan
Posted By: Eba
just dropped fubar and finally caught up to the 21st century... only thing I can't figure out is my player frame doesn't shift down for the single top bar that im using. Minimap does and shifts up accordingly when i turn that option off and on. but the player, well and the target frame do not. Any suggestions what i'm missing or...
File: SilverDragon08-06-09
bah found my own answer
Posted By: Eba
ah... kk here was the cure.. http://www.wowace.com/addons/cartographer/ had to update the librockconfig thingy... i had actually done this already but had put it in the wrong folder... this one actually had to go down into the carto folder. First time I've seen that but no biggy. Funny story to go along with this. Had ju...
File: SilverDragon08-06-09
Posted By: Eba
with 3.2 i changed my mods updated etc... the usual drill. including cartographer. the map is a little different than before just flavor.. no major but the big thing is all my silverdragon markers have disappeared. I'm not sure if it's cartographer doing it or what. I didn't update silverdragon as nothing recent with it obviously....
File: Buffwatch++05-03-09
oooh me likey
Posted By: Eba
Just an update I went ahead and tried that out.. That rocks :D for totems.. works perfect... Lil more than I need sort of... I dont want to track so many things :D but I can deal. At least I have a quick way to see if my main guys are out of range.. big help thanks a ton. Any chance of expanding up instead of just down? (I know pe...
File: Buffwatch++05-03-09
Posted By: Eba
Hi i was wondering if this would work for totems. I run a resto shammy and I"m always tryin to keep up with my tanks and melees, trying to keep them in range of what they need and my casters in back with mana etc... Obviously one of the problems is they can end up in/out/in/out of range in a dancing type fight and I'm usually way b...
File: DoIKnowYou04-24-09
saved data file
Posted By: Eba
Just built a new comp and was setting it up.. i tried moving the lua file for this over but it only brought 3 names with it... not sure why just 3.. but anyone have any suggestions? hate to have to redo all them -1 gankers by hand.. lol
File: Overachiever04-18-09
Ty T for getting back so quick. I...
Posted By: Eba
Ty T for getting back so quick. I figured it had to be something like that. Especially as the loves and kills are still keeping track. Appreciate the hard work. eba
File: Overachiever04-17-09
3.1 consumables not clearing
Posted By: Eba
with 3.1, I patched up and now any foods or drinks they all show need to be consumed. Even ones I know I had consumed in the past, and even if I do consume it, it doesn't change state to already consumed... Not sure if anyone else is having this. Any suggestions? Delete the save file maybe (wtf? i forget.. lol anyone refresh my mem...
File: QuestClicks01-29-09
Posted By: Eba
This is the latest mod I've tried out and I gotta say I just love this! only little glitch I've seen is it didn't hold the direction once between log ins but re did it that time and it's held. Loved how the motes showed up didn't realize that was going to do that but great! thanks a million groovy addon.
File: Skillet12-05-08
shopping list
Posted By: Eba
Is there a way to clear the shopping list? I have one toon that for some reason keeps popping up wanting linen cloth and I'm fairly sure I've given him linen cloth at some point in time :) Love the mod thanks!
File: DragEmAll12-05-08
does this drag trackers?
Posted By: Eba
Just wondering if you can drag the quest and or achievment tracking window? thanks,
File: DoIKnowYou11-17-08
how does the sharing work...
Posted By: Eba
I'm trying this out mostly for a KOS tool. But seems ever since wotlk.. I'm finding more guys on my side I'd rather note. Obviously, just becuase I think a guy is a tool... I don't neccesrily want him to know that if we're in a group togther and he happens to have the mod too... So.. long story short... are notes shared with th...
File: Overachiever11-16-08
Can't seem to move the tracker... n...
Posted By: Eba
Can't seem to move the tracker... not sure if it could be a conflict. I disabled urbanachiever before I tried out over.. but not sure if something "latched" that tracker... not very savy when it comes to that kind of thing... any thoughts. only error I've had.. and it was coming up previous to trying out this mod was one about...
File: Atlas11-13-08
not showing northrend
Posted By: Eba
I'm not sure what i've done wrong. I'm fairly decent at installing mods etc... I'm got Atlas 1.12.3 and loot ehanced 5.02.00 so I think I'm using the latest. Everything old world and TBC seems to be showing up fine, I can even look at faction items related to WOTLK. But I don't seem to be able to navigate to the maps of wotlk in...
File: NotesUNeed10-23-08
Set focus and NuN conflicting
Posted By: Eba
T a little more on what I had earlier. The set focus option doesn't seem to work with NuN enabled. Does without it. On toons without a pet, I'll just not get the focus popup window as you would expect. On toons with a pet, the window seems to pop up when the pet is sent to attack. (best I remember that's a macro I'm using t...