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File: Broker_H3DungeonCooldowns07-14-10
There is no popup when moving over...
Posted By: ts7348
There is no popup when moving over the LBD button, but also no error in BugSack (I'm using DockingStation)
File: Useful Extras04-08-10
Originally posted by EVmaker Actu...
Posted By: ts7348
Originally posted by EVmaker Actually you just need to change the 54797 to 75596 as that's the SpellID for the mount (54797 is the item number, and you can't cast that). I will update the mount list in just a second and put out an updated version though if you would prefer to just get that. Thanks works fine now :cool:
File: Useful Extras04-05-10
Hi EV, I've problems to automount...
Posted By: ts7348
Hi EV, I've problems to automount new mount "Frosty Flying Carpet". Just added line " = true, -- Frosty Flying Carpet" in file "MountsLib.lua" section "EML_epicFlyer = {" after " = true, -- Druid Swift Flight Form", deleted all cache, .bak files and saved variabled, but I always have an error "Mount given is not a regular or epic...