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File: GearCheck (InventoryOnPar)09-29-09
PLEASE FIX THIS.... The raid boss k...
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PLEASE FIX THIS.... The raid boss kill information is invaluable with all the scrubs able to get good gear.
File: ClassLoot03-08-09
???? any fix inc? I'm not seeing an...
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???? any fix inc? I'm not seeing any WOLK data
File: nUI02-27-09
OK small bug with 5.0. Just got th...
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OK small bug with 5.0. Just got the Grand Black War Mammoth (on my pally) and while mounted all of my auras are shifted left and there is a hunter's attack option for their pet up in the aura bar...... Im still messing around with the mount to see the limitations but I am pretty sure it cannot attack. The only other issue I have i...
File: nUI02-20-09
first!! I cant wait :) /drool
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first!! I cant wait :) /drool
File: nUI02-16-09
Yeah i know....sometimes when i get...
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Yeah i know....sometimes when i get excited i seem to skip over important things :( Its No prob at all that it is not out yet. I would rather you took your time on it. And yeah the 25/40 man set up is what iIm highly anticipating :) Happy Birthday to your daughter and Grats on "The Love Fool "for all those toons. Originally post...
File: nUI02-15-09
First of all I have to say I've bee...
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First of all I have to say I've been using nUI (well lets say there had been less than 1k downloads) for a long time. It had by far surpassed any other UI that I have used before. I commend you Spiel2001, keep up the good work. I have put $20 in the hat for all of my previous use of nUI and am at this point waiting with bated br...
File: HeadCount02-08-09
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i know its probably very easy but for the life of me i cannot export to xml. I have it set up for xml exporting but how do you actually initiate the export?
File: nUI -- Thin Grey dashboard skin12-23-08
What is?
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Ive been looking everywhere, what is the addon that records your highest crit? (the text in the middle of the screen)
File: nUI12-09-08
/bump for aggro highlights when in...
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/bump for aggro highlights when in party raid :) i know i'm a pain but i'm having to run xpearl also to see the aggro highlights. Again cant thank you enough for the work you've done/do.
File: nUI11-21-08
Originally posted by rocnroll Fir...
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Originally posted by rocnroll First off, I'm impressed, great job of taking the default UI and making it something cool to look at and use with a lot of bloat! I have dinked around with mods for a while, but I just don't have the time/knack to do what you've done. I a clean install (renamed Interface and WTF), installed nUI and...
File: nUI11-19-08
OK first of all i need to say that...
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OK first of all i need to say that this is the most "put together" and user friendly UI mods out there. I commend you on your work and gratefully thank you. Unfortunately I'm in the same boat you are and funds are lacking, But I figure i can do my part by giving a comprehensive bug report. 1. There is a dead space about 1/4 in tal...