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File: Grid04-26-09
Re: Woundering
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Originally posted by pifinsane im using an older version of grid to use GridLayoutPlus for MT healing, do enyone know if GridlayoutPlus works with the newer versions of Grid or do they have this implimented in Grid. **layoutplus took the Tanks from oRA2 and put then in a seperate group (group 1)** For my personal use, I've modi...
File: ArkInventory10-25-08
Re: Re: Is the
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Originally posted by arkayenro it's been temporarily disabled. Ahh - that explains ;-) Any hope it will be back soon? Beggings /Holysoul
File: ArkInventory10-24-08
Is the "new item" indicator gone?
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First of all, big thx for a great addon ;-) With the patch it seems that one of the nice features have gone away - the ability to indicate, that the item that landed in my bag is new. New items are somehow not indicated anymore, nor can I find the place in the menus to toggle it on/off. Is that feature not part of the addon any...