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File: SixUI01-17-15
Great UI
Posted By: Chaqella
Just wanted to let you know that I love your UI. It includes all my favorite addons and the added functionality is logical and clear. Thank you for your hard work putting this together!:D
File: Birg's Mage UI #209-30-14
Re: Re: Amazing
Posted By: Chaqella
Amazing as always. Any chance you have one in the works for a Paladin? Thanks! No, I'm afraid not. If one were to make a paladin ui, what would be a reasonable Donation? PM me, I'd like to talk :banana:
File: Birg's Monk UI09-11-14
Holy Pally's need your love
Posted By: Chaqella
I love your UIs and would love if you could create one for Paladin! We need your love too!! ;)
File: Altz UI for Legion07-31-13
Thanks, it would just put a check m...
Posted By: Chaqella
Thanks, it would just put a check mark on unit (not sure if every time, I couldn't hardly see it) with no countdown. It's a 30 second debuff and I have to dispell after 20 secs.
File: Altz UI for Legion07-30-13
I couldn't get Dark Parasite to wor...
Posted By: Chaqella
I couldn't get Dark Parasite to work on Heroic Durumu. Is it possible you could look at this? Also need the full countdown on it. Thanks in advance, and thanks again for a great ui!
File: Altz UI for Legion07-28-13
Love this UI. Amazing, clean work....
Posted By: Chaqella
Love this UI. Amazing, clean work. Thank you so much.
File: Kaytemoss UI07-17-13
Love the UI, but resized the chat b...
Posted By: Chaqella
Love the UI, but resized the chat box for my own taste. I need to move the boss frames, but can't find it. How do I move those up a little too?
File: Nibeno UI05-11-13
Target Portrait
Posted By: Chaqella
Very nice ui that has so many thoughtful and interesting aspects. There is one however, I curious about: The HUGE portrait of the target on right side of screen. I can understand why you have it, but was hoping it would be disabled during raids at least. I'm trying to disable it but not finding the addon that is doing it. Any hel...