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File: MoPage12-08-09
Re: Re: Re: Keybindings
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Originally posted by Tweeker F = Assist Target this is true. I use a mouseover macro. my bad. to each their own :p
File: Tidy Bar11-17-09
Re: Re: on top
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I have been taking your code and actually relocating the menu and bag bars to the "top center" to avoid this. I as well like to have data on both the right and the left of Tidy. Perhaps some header code to justify those bars on the right, left, top left, top center, or top right would be helpful? Originally posted by danltige...
File: MoveAnything - Updated for 3.211-16-09
vehicle exit question
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were you able to fix the issue where the player frame reverts back to the default Blizz position when exiting a vehicle while in combat? that is the sole reason I stopped using this addon to begin with.
File: Tidy Bar06-08-09
Re: Re: vehicle art getting stuck.
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Originally posted by danltiger I just tried Aces High, and I can't seem to duplicate the problem. I've tried both exiting in-combat and out-of-combat. Are you using any other addons? What class are you playing? My main is a druid (which means I see the Shapeshift bar, rather than the Pet bar), and few other addons (Omen, Doub...
File: Tidy Bar06-06-09
vehicle art getting stuck.
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I love this mod. great job. I am having an issue though where the bars do not animate back correctly when exiting a vehicle while in combat. the vehicle bars and art, even though inactive stay up. it seems ok when I exit while not in combat. to test this, you can do the Aces High quest.(or just talk to her) just enter and e...
File: Tidy Bar05-27-09
Thank you. great simple mod....
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Thank you. great simple mod. I added some things on my own, but this was just what I was looking for as a basis. ty
File: SimpleBar05-06-09
mousover show
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I would like to make a feature request. can you add a checkbox (or LUA option) to mousover show a frame (such as the menu bar)?
File: MoPage04-28-09
Re: Keybindings
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Originally posted by Regolith I am a very sad dwarf today because I was unable to bind this addon to my Shift button. Is this a blizz limitation or something about the mopage code. Tonight I will try to bind it to a mouse button, but shift+1 has been my FD button for so long I was really hoping to make that work. Let me know, pl...
File: StatusColour10-30-08
I really like this mod a lot. It e...
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I really like this mod a lot. It enables use of the default Blizzard frame which in the end saves on mod taxation. Combine this mod with Moveanything, MoPage (actionbar toggle mod) ,eCastingbar, and Grid to get a simple, effective, non-memory demanding set-up.