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File: Ion Action Bars10-25-08
Trinity is dead !!! Long live Trinity, eeuh, uhuh, Macaroon !!
Posted By: oromasdes
Simply stated : Trinity is the best UI mod I have used so far (Auctioneer gets close though). I loved it ! I need(ed) it ! Thanks, thanks thanks, we are not worthy... I'm now using Macaroon, failed to import my old Trinity settings, but maybe that was good... By now I have set up two characters, and after the usual cold-water fear...
File: OneBag310-25-08
Kaelten, many thanks for all the e...
Posted By: oromasdes
Kaelten, many thanks for all the effort you have already put in this addon !! Can't even remember how long ago I started using it. Nicely ordened bag stuff when vendoring, AHing or banking, or when looking at another character's bank contents.... Aaaahhh, those were the days.... Aaaaarrghhh. ;-) Well, don't know if you plan...