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File: RealUI10-02-12
DK Diseases
Posted By: Erethor
First of all, I can't thank you enough for maintaining this UI pack. It's absolutely fantastic! I am, however, having issues with diseases (Blood Plague and Frost Fever) tracking on my Death Knight since updating to the most recent (r1) version. Is anyone else having this issue? Or can anyone point out what the problem may be?
File: RealUI02-01-12
Thanks for the update!
Posted By: Erethor
Thanks for the update! Just posting to send my support! Love what you do here. I'll let you know if I find any bugs. Update released. I'm very rusty, so let me know if anything breaks :p
File: RealUI12-11-11
Re: Raid marking bar...
Posted By: Erethor
I loved the raid marking bar in previous versions of the addon. Can someone tell me if it is gone for good? Yes! I completely agree! Also, this may have already been mentioned, but for me, the latency part of the UI is not working. It just constantly shows zero. Thanks for the great work!
File: RealUI12-01-11
Posted By: Erethor
I'm just chiming in to offer my thanks for this exceptional project over the past few months/year. I remember when I first made the switch to RealUI... Didn't like it at first, but after getting used to it (and falling in love with it), now I can't use anything else! I'm really keen to see an update soon, but if this really (pun!)...
File: MetzRemix11-01-08
Warnings being blocked.
Posted By: Erethor
Again, great UI. But I have noticed that the warning messages are being blocked by one of the addons. To make myself clear, I am talking about the messages that appear just above the middle of the screen that state phrases such as; 'Not enough Rage', or 'Need a target'... If you know the sort of warnings I am talking about, coul...
File: MetzRemix10-25-08
Great UI; But persistent Keybinding issues.
Posted By: Erethor
Really great UI, fantastic to play with! I am having one issue however. All my keybindings are completely messed up; even if I try to set them all back to the game default in the Main Menu -> Keybindings menu. Why is this happening? Is there some other mod interfering with the game's default bindings? Let me know if any of you...