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File: Auctioneer10-27-08
Re: Re: enchantrix
Posted By: deathshaman
Thanks for the tip now it is at work ;) Originally posted by Nechckn Hi there, DeathShaman, Blizzard changed the color for all "load on demand" addons to red for some unknown reason. Unless it actually says "Out of Date" or "Dependency Missing" in text, then you are good to go- just be sure there is a gold mark in the assoc...
File: Auctioneer10-26-08
Posted By: deathshaman
Please need help can anyone tell me if there is a problem it the "enchantrix" i cant put that working. when i go to the addons options i activate the enchantrix, auc:scandata and informant and all the parts of auctioneer that 3 stay red. :(