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File: BlizzBugsSuck06-30-10
thanks for your feedback - i really...
Posted By: Dragoen
thanks for your feedback - i really didnt expect this addon to fix my problems, just wanted some info which you provided nicely. Amazingly after today's bug fix update from blizz all my addon problems went away ... hmmm thanks again
File: BlizzBugsSuck06-28-10
what about "memory" errors? my gam...
Posted By: Dragoen
what about "memory" errors? my game crashes a lot since last tuesday's update. Most of the time the error references MapMem.cpp trying to request a huge block of memory. I do run a lot of addons so I know blizz will blame them, but the game ran fine with the same addons up until blizz released the update last tuesday. I've seen t...
File: MoveAnything - Updated for 3.212-11-09
Update for Ice Crown release???
Posted By: Dragoen
I hope someone can update this for the Ice Crown patch release, it's only slightly broken, in that my minimap will not stay where i put it and a few other msg boxes for loot, casting bar and achievements, etc.
File: Postal08-12-09
getting an error message: Messag...
Posted By: Dragoen
getting an error message: Message: Interface\AddOns\Postal\Modules\BlackBook.lua:41: Usage: RawHook(, method, , ): Attempting to hook a non existing target Time: 08/12/09 16:20:09 Count: 1 Stack: (tail call): ? (tail call): ? : in function `error' ...erface\AddOns\Titan\libs\AceHook-3.0\AceHook-3.0.lua:208: in function <...e...
File: Titan Quests08-09-09
Quest description opens randomly
Posted By: Dragoen
After 3.2 I started getting random quest descriptions popping up. It isn't the quest log, just a single pane with the quest description. It is happening at random times like after zoning in. I disabled Titan Quest and the problem went away. Hope that helps. Dragoen