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File: MayronUI Gen511-24-13
thanks for 3.03 - fixed my issues....
Posted By: jacamie
thanks for 3.03 - fixed my issues. Good job man :banana:
File: MayronUI Gen511-23-13
Re: Re: Font size problem
Posted By: jacamie
-- Edit the Chat Font Size: FontSize = { -- Tip: Use "/fstack" in-game and hover over the Chat Box to find out the ChatBox number! ChatFrame1 = 11, Thanks for that - worked great for me.
File: MayronUI Gen511-20-13
Re: This wonderfull ui
Posted By: jacamie
Mayron, In all honesty I have been a fan of your ui since I first saw it but the work you put into this and the continuing support to anyone and everyone who takes the time to post a question here is truly amazing! So I thought I'd make this account for two reason! first: To shove this small amount of feathers squarely up your ass...
File: MayronUI Gen511-17-13
hey -I know some guys are having i...
Posted By: jacamie
hey -I know some guys are having issues and quite rightly posting them here. Just for the sake of a positive post I'd like to say that all works here. Looks awesome - thx for your hard work and support dude. :)
File: MayronUI Gen510-26-13
Re: Re: Re: Action Bars
Posted By: jacamie
you mean the health bars above targets head? Press 'V' if that's the case - if not I'm not understanding you correctly.
File: MayronUI Gen510-26-13
Re: Action Bars
Posted By: jacamie
Hi Mayron! First off, I love your UI! Really glad I found it. My only problem I'm having is that I can't figure out how to add a second action bar to the main hotbar on the bottom of the screen, like I saw you had in one of your pictures. I was wondering if that was something I could still add? Thanks. If you press , w...
File: MayronUI Gen509-30-13
Hey Mayron, Having a slight issu...
Posted By: jacamie
Hey Mayron, Having a slight issue when trying to dismiss a pet: "Bankstack has been blocked from an action only available to the blizzard UI" A simple /reload sorts the problem, but wondered if you know of a permanent solution? cheers.
File: MayronUI Gen509-26-13
my chat panel doesn't have the opti...
Posted By: jacamie
my chat panel doesn't have the option that it previously had to use tha upper arrow to get the last message you wrote... how can i get that again? same here. I've found and up arrow works though.
File: MayronUI Gen509-02-13
totally changed my game experience....
Posted By: jacamie
totally changed my game experience. thanks for your hard work and sharing the results of that with us all. I've sent you a couple of beer vouchers - well deserved!