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File: Tidy Plates02-11-13
Love TP! Two questions: When sta...
Posted By: Kly
Love TP! Two questions: When standing close to an oversized mob, how can you get TidyPlates to show the plate onscreen? Because it is above the mobs head and out of sight..? Also, is there ANY way a future release might allow a plate to be placed over the users head also? I'd love to get rid of my health bars and just use tidy...
File: Dominos01-16-13
Posted By: Kly
Hi. I followed the directions to hide my bars and have them turn on only when in combat via Show States. It works! But I would like the bars to also turn on when I mouse over them. Messed with the 'show;hide' line a bit, but nothing worked. Can this be done? Thank you! Wonderful addon!
File: BasicChatMods02-14-11
Chat frame at top blocks channel tabs.
Posted By: Kly
I just cant figure out how to switch channel tabs now. The chat frame at the top blocks them for me. Any advice?
File: IceHUD02-03-11
Focus Target
Posted By: Kly
I have a feeling this is a dumb question BUT... I use macros that involve me setting Tank as Focus. I know how to turn the Icehud Focus Bar on, but it seems to be missing the Focus Target bar or option. I use FocusTarget a lot to get a visual queue of what the tank is attacking and what I'm sending my pet in to attack. Does Icehud...
File: BossInfo02-03-11
Hide Button
Posted By: Kly
Would like the option to hide the icon. I have a macro to call up BossInfo and don't need the icon anymore, its just clutter on my screen. Thanks!
File: CLC DK01-16-11
Nice addon!
Posted By: Kly
Hi! This is a nice little addon that I'm trying to get acquainted with... but I have two questions: 1. Is there a way to keep all the "pieces" locked together when moving the addon around? Would be neat if this worked similar to Bar Mods like Domino's where the bars can stick together while moving around. 2. A way to scale/enl...
File: DagAssist01-16-11
Settings Menu ?
Posted By: Kly
Hello. Great addon. If possible please add: 1. Ability to scale larger icon/button. 2. Ability to scale larger menu. 3. Adjustable opacity of menu. Basically I'm old and need some options to remind me that DAG Button is there, be able to select items easier, and see the items more clearly when the menu is overlaid on...
File: Bagnon12-25-10
Can this be added?
Posted By: Kly
Super add-on! Was wondering, is it possible to reserve bag slots for certain items? Mainly I want to reserve two slots for weapons only. That way I always know where to find them in my bag if I switch between weapons or talent specs. I know this is pretty trivial but it would just be a convenience feature. It would be neat also i...
File: AspectWatch10-30-10
Options Menu?
Posted By: Kly
Originally posted by Drauer WTS ;) Hi! Nice addon! Is there an options / configuration menu?