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File: Caith UI12-18-09
Originally posted by Mageodin Don...
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Originally posted by Mageodin Done that but it dont look anything like the ones in your epic UI; Love ur UI btw :D yea same thing happening to me, just makes it slightly hard to read, especially if you have a bright monitor.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames07-08-09
FLIP party frames, BUFFS overlap
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Hey, I like flipping my party frames so I have them on the right side of the screen. Only problem is, when someone gets a few debuffs on them, the debuffs overlap the entire frame and I can't even see my frame. Instead of the debuffs going out to the side like they should, they go inside the frames o.O Thanks for any help, t...
File: E-Dragon Slayer06-30-09
Nice! Props for comin up with this...
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Nice! Props for comin up with this, something I've always wanted ever since wotlk came out.
File: X-Perl UnitFrames01-26-09
Ongoing Buff/Debuff Countdown Problem
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Hey, this has been a problem with my xperl since WotLK release. Basically whenever I play, there is ALWAYS countdowns on MY debuffs and THEIR buffs. This is a constant thing. Take a look My SS of my frames Notice my SWP and Devouring Plague Debuff countdown on my tar...
File: DR Tracker11-27-08
Tracking Self DR's...
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I'm sure the addon would be great, and you've put out some very nice mods, but I don't care about other DR's from other people, so I set the settings to "Show DR's for : Show Self" and I leave the other's unchecked, friends, enemies. Now I don't see anything at all. I can spam sap on someone, nothing. Gouge, nothing. If I chec...
File: X-Perl UnitFrames11-01-08
Buff Timers
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Ever since 3.0, I've been really annoyed with ALL unit frames. Of course, I use xperl only though. Here's my problem. Say I target someone, it shows ALL these little timers on all their buffs etc. These are annoying. Sometimes I can't tell what buff is what. Also, say someone is in my party, and there's a UA, corruption,...