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File: Shieldmonitor12-05-08
mult. bars
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I suggest that you compare priority (you have that set up anyways), push the lower one to a child of that bar and make it smaller, attached to the lower left or something. Do that with all lower bars and they'll just show up down there, I believe.
File: Shieldmonitor12-01-08
I might do some design this week if...
Posted By: Eliasar
I might do some design this week if you like. I'll have to figure out how other addons do it, but I'll see what I can come up with if you'd like.
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Originally posted by frenchie Tha...
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Originally posted by frenchie That said, I do appreciate that different styles of presentation appeal to different people, so I will consider adding some more customisable options. In the meantime if anyone wants to contribute alternative styles, either as a mockup or by hacking the existing code, they are more than welcome. I...
File: Shieldmonitor11-01-08
Posted By: Eliasar
Do you think you could make the timer a bar rather than text to the left? I'm much more of a visual person only glancing at this bar from time to time. I had actually started a mod for this exact purpose, only to find yours when I was near completion. If you need any help with upkeep, I'd be more than happy to oblige. Also, I woul...