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File: AutoGrats (Continued)12-21-08
Re: huh?
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Originally posted by Broh why exactly would you want to auto congratulate someone for achieving a level... are you not personal enough to congratulate them manually or is it a waste of time to have to type a dozen or so letters? I just don't see the need for this type of mod. I am sure it works great and all but.... Well...
File: AutoGrats (Continued)11-19-08
How about some kind of GUI for it?...
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How about some kind of GUI for it? Would make using it alot easier then trying to remember the commands. Like a little dialog to change messeges and options. Maybe you could even add something where you could have a list of messeges and it could randomly use one to grat people.
File: MetaMap11-03-08
The treasure, herb, and ore trackin...
Posted By: Lucifer66
The treasure, herb, and ore tracking doesn't seem to work for me. I enabled it but there doesn't seem to be any locations listed. Is there something else I need to download?