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File: AntiSocial11-09-08
Add One Click Toggle All On/Off
Posted By: Josey
Add a one click toggle all on/off for the very anti-social auction house toon who does a trade or signature once in awhile. Hunt and picking through the tooltip til it's committed to memory, but it doesn't change that much.
File: FireExit11-09-08
Does this affect saving or risk file corruption?
Posted By: Josey
Been using this; really like one-click log. Notice it does not close open windows like bags, talent books, char screen, etc. first like the default escape/logout does. Does that affect things like saving before logging, or risk corruption of .lua or cache files for not closing before logging?
File: DoubleWide11-06-08
Originally posted by MrMadison su...
Posted By: Josey
Originally posted by MrMadison suggestion: How about extending the Doublewide Functionality to the Tradeskill Window? Seems one is listed on Curse DoubleWideTradeSkills
File: LightHeaded11-06-08
This thing is pretty slick. Refresh...
Posted By: Josey
This thing is pretty slick. Refreshing alternative to Cart Quest Objectives. WoW modified The Eastern Plagueland Zone Map; threw off databases stored locations of nodes and waypoints there.
File: Haggler11-05-08
Re: Feature Request
Posted By: Josey
Originally posted by tobarstep In the case of Junkie it seems like it could be an "always ignore this item" option. Was looking for this in Junkie too. Worth it keeping an eye on vendor instead though as it seems this combo uses less than half the resources to run than autoprofitx did. Hagglers disappearing icon is keen also....