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File: FuBar - ReagentFu11-22-06
@Drathos Hiya, have you consider...
Posted By: Dhraga
@Drathos Hiya, have you considered the auto refill reagents suggestion posted by me a bit below yet ? /D.
File: FuBar - ReagentFu11-11-06
(Since it's not listed, I pressume...
Posted By: Dhraga
(Since it's not listed, I pressume its not included as a feature) Feature Request: Automatically restocking of reagents. I really like to see the functions of the FreeRefill's addon that automatically restocks the user decided amount of reagents when visiting a reagent vendor. FreeRefills: http://www.wowace.com/files/index.p...
File: DoTimer11-02-06
Will do, thank you kindly =)
Posted By: Dhraga
Will do, thank you kindly =)
File: DoTimer10-31-06
Mmmm.... we awaits the precious.......
Posted By: Dhraga
Mmmm.... we awaits the precious.... yes we do.... ;)
File: DoTimer10-26-06
plz plz plz...
Posted By: Dhraga
Please please please make the beta avalible :D Paladins can always be added later :P oh did I say please ? :D /Dhraga
File: DoTimer10-16-06
@Asheyla Any news on your progre...
Posted By: Dhraga
@Asheyla Any news on your progress for the next version ? *I'm popping by on a daily basis ;)*
File: DoTimer10-05-06
@Asheyla Yay... sounds excellent...
Posted By: Dhraga
@Asheyla Yay... sounds excellent ! I'm really looking forward to the support of all classes, then I can toss out TTSpellTimer from my compilation :D Keep up the good work Asheyla :D /D
File: DoTimer10-03-06
@Asheyla First off, this is the...
Posted By: Dhraga
@Asheyla First off, this is the most accurate DoT tracker I ever used and I've been using it ever for a long while now, thank you so much for all the work you have put into it. :D Regarding multiple class support. Sure I'd REALLY LOVE if DoTimer supported all classes, but only if it supported ALL spells for ALL classes like th...
File: DoTimer09-28-06
Posted By: Dhraga
When using DoTimer together with SuperSelfCast or EP_EasyCast gives the following error when trying to use a buff or bandage without a target. The only SelfCast addon I found so far that works with DoTimer is the SmartCast built into CTMod. Error: SpellSystem.lua:392: attempt to index global `spelltarget' (a nil value)
File: DoTimer09-27-06
Yay :D Thanks :D
Posted By: Dhraga
Yay :D Thanks :D
File: DoTimer09-26-06
Mmmmmmm v1.1... Gimmie gimmie gimm...
Posted By: Dhraga
Mmmmmmm v1.1... Gimmie gimmie gimmie :D
File: FuBar - RecZone09-24-06
@wmrojer Please add support to h...
Posted By: Dhraga
@wmrojer Please add support to hide the normal minimap locationbar, as locationfu has. /Dhraga
File: TTSpellTimer09-12-06
Thank you =)
Posted By: Dhraga
Thank you Twig :D I'm gonna get it as the first thing when I get home :D Btw Twig, any chance of seeing this feature in the next release ? http://www.wowinterface.com/portal.php?id=58&a=viewfeature&featureid=1162
File: TTSpellTimer09-05-06
ETA on new version ?
Posted By: Dhraga
@Twig Any news on when the new version comes ? /D
File: FuBar - RecZone08-31-06
@wmrojer Nice addon, but please...
Posted By: Dhraga
@wmrojer Nice addon, but please add current loc + zone level to the fubar text. Seemes a bit uneeded to have two so similair addons, I'd rather use yours if you add those two things.
File: Decursive08-25-06
@Archa I just wanted to thank yo...
Posted By: Dhraga
@Archa I just wanted to thank you for all your time and hard work on Decursive, your work is appriciated by probably more players than you ever imagined :D /Dhraga
File: SmartBuff08-25-06
Visual Bug: SmartBuff 1.11b cant...
Posted By: Dhraga
Visual Bug: SmartBuff 1.11b cant remeber the font type/size settings for the Reminder frame, so needed to change it manually on every login. Anyone know a quick fix for this ?
File: TTSpellTimer07-16-06
FEATURE REQUEST - Regarding message's
Posted By: Dhraga
@Twig First of all, I love your addon, verry nice work there :) Seccond, I would like to request two new features regarding the messages to make this addon even better :D 1. To be able to send messages to a custom chat channel. 2. To be able to have sepparate channel options for Pre and Post messages. Example of usage...
File: ShardAce06-19-06
Regarding Nightfall...
Posted By: Dhraga
@Beesd Use Zaina's TNE_Nightfall addon, it's written in ACE and handles sound & visual confirmation of the Nightfall state. http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/addons-3449-1-nightfall.html Zaina have also the verry nifty TNE_LowHealthWarning for low hp/mana sound & visual warning in the same style. http://www.curse-gaming.com/...
File: FuBar - QuestsFu05-29-06
@Kemayo - Feature request
Posted By: Dhraga
@Kemayo I have been using Monkey Quest for a long time but I have switched to your addon, and I love it but I really miss two features that Monkey Quest had. If you could implement the two features listed below I would love your addon even more. :) Features cut-and-pasted from Monkey Quest desciption: - Mousing over quests sho...
File: FuBar - RegenFu05-29-06
About *HP Regen during last fight*
Posted By: Dhraga
@Rophy: I play a 60 Warlock and for me I find both the HP and MP Regen (or should be called Gain since it tracks all HP gain) during last fight extreemly fun, and gives me a way to examine how efficient different playstyles and tactics are when soloing bigger mobs. As for me I enjoy soloing 2x59-60 elites in DM West as most Warloc...
File: FuBar - RegenFu05-26-06
To make this wonderful addon track...
Posted By: Dhraga
To make this wonderful addon track *HP Regen During Last Fight* change the code as follows: This is the FuBar_Regen.lua: local compost = CompostLib:GetInstance('compost-1') local dewdrop = DewdropLib:GetInstance('1.0') local tablet = TabletLib:GetInstance('1.0') FuBar_Regen = FuBarPlugin:GetInstance("1.2"):new({ name...
File: FuBar - MicroMenuFu05-26-06
SVN Revision 2135 does work with the latest Fubar
Posted By: Dhraga
The 1.1.1107 version does not work for me with the latest FuBar, but the SVN Revision 2135 linked above does work , verry nice addon =)