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File: Tidy Plates01-23-11
Glow around health bar and cast bar
Posted By: Polytech
How do i turn off the constant glow around health and cast bar in neon?
File: Aloft09-28-09
Feature request!
Posted By: Polytech
Just the same as combo points or number of sunders on the target id really like to see a numeric timers for my Frost Fever/Blood Plague on enemy nameplates. Diseases are a DK's "combo points" so it would help ALOT in aoe situations having those on nameplates to keep up the Ebon Plaguebringer debuff on all mobs or being able to pestil...
File: Aloft07-03-09
Posted By: Polytech
Ok, so there's another problem i ran into. I wanted to have bright border color on the target and some regular border color on other mobs. There are 2 borders - one around the health bar and another around the frame, so i made them the same size, same type, but different colors. It was looking great at start, whenever i choosed targe...
File: Aloft06-30-09
Great addon. There are some bugs th...
Posted By: Polytech
Great addon. There are some bugs though. Background alpha setting just wont work, its always the same. Also "target only" option for border is not working correctly. Very often, especially when you pull several mobs at once, frames of two or more of them showed with border and others without. I tested it a bit, seems to happen when...
File: EavesDrop04-20-09
Feature request
Posted By: Polytech
Absolutely great addon, what i miss though is a possibility to set a threshhold for outgoing/incoming damage as the frame is spammed by dots or small hits all the time.
File: TellMeWhen11-12-08
Version 1.1 - Added cooldown and bu...
Posted By: Polytech
Version 1.1 - Added cooldown and buff/debuff timers. Compatible with OmniCC. Hurray \o/ Thanks!
File: TellMeWhen11-08-08
Great idea, simple and handy ui. Th...
Posted By: Polytech
Great idea, simple and handy ui. Thanks! Features planned for future versions - Text timers for buffs, debuffs, and cooldowns ... is the only thing i miss in this addon.