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File: LockSmith11-22-08
Re: Re: Update?
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Originally posted by Ammo I need to update it with the itemids for all the wotlk lockboxes, I haven't gotten around to it and haven't levelled my rogue in wotlk yet :) It's great to know you are still around. How would one get the item ID's? I seem to be the rogue lockpicker for my guild and I so, so love this. There was als...
File: LockSmith11-21-08
Posted By: Revy
Any chance of an update for this one? One of my favorites. It works with BC and before, just seems it doesn't recognized WoTLK stuffs.
File: Enhanced Tradeskills WotLK version11-14-08
Non Beta
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Any chance this will be updated? I don't really care for ATSW or Skillet that much. They work but I think they have too much. Revy Nevermind did some looking around. =-)
File: Fishing Buddy02-07-08
Easy Lures
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I seem to be having a problem with Easy Lures. Even though I get a message that my skill isn't high enough, the lure doesn't get added. Am I missing something other then the check box? Thanks