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File: DockingStation (Display)07-23-16
I uploaded a new version (0.5.7) th...
Posted By: BigFire
I uploaded a new version (0.5.7) that hopefully stops the crashing issue. As I could not replicate the problem locally I'm relying on user feedback on whether the problem is resolved. Hi just tested it, works fine, no more crashes on loading. thank you very much! Confirm. Thanks for getting this back.
File: DockingStation (Display)07-21-16
Is this addon going to be updated ?...
Posted By: BigFire
Is this addon going to be updated ? Thanks in advance for replying. Here's a :banana: !Other than the issue crusaderesper reported I'm not aware of anything needing fixed. Is there anything in particular that needs updated? With only Docking Station enabled, the entire game crashed out.
File: CBH Viewport11-17-10
Originally posted by creepy_inc P...
Posted By: BigFire
Originally posted by creepy_inc Pretty sure this goes for all viewports. I fixed it by just lowering the liquids detail option in video settings. Oddly I went to test it again before typing here and now I can actually use all levels of detail without any problems. Maybe 4.0.3 fixed it? Yes. Although not mentioned in patch note...
File: MikScrollingBattleText04-24-08
Next question, Tanking Illidan's Flame
Posted By: BigFire
So we're months behind, but we've finally reached Mr. You're Not Prepared himself this past week. As you can guess, I'm definately not prepared. Despite my best effort, I simply cannot tell from the graphic on the screen whether Blaze have been lay down and I'm standing in it. So I need to create a filter (that I think some of y...
File: MikScrollingBattleText04-21-08
Mana regeneration from Spiritual Attunement
Posted By: BigFire
Great mod. I do have one issue since the advent of 2.4. In this picture, you see me tanking a bunch of mobs and getting heal. The mana return from spiritual attunement is currently shown a guy's face, instead of the actual spell icon.
File: MikScrollingBattleText03-25-08
Posted By: BigFire
So today's 2.4 patch day. Any update?
File: EavesDrop09-10-06
Question regarding resizing the window
Posted By: BigFire
There doesn't seemed to be any way to resize the window. If I can do that, it'll 100% replace my combatlog window.
File: ItemRack06-02-06
Question regarding Mining Event
Posted By: BigFire
With the advent of 300+ mining skill required obsidian chunk, what's the event code for automatically equipping the mining set?
File: FuBar 3.6.505-03-06
Re: TitanRider & Textures?
Posted By: BigFire
Originally posted by wilz Where does one find the background textures for FuBar? Also, will there be a TitanRider made for FuBar? I am aware of the addon MountMe, but it not only requires another dependency, it also does not work at all for me. TitanRider worked rather well, selecting/equipping riding items as I mount up, and un...
File: WhisperCast05-02-06
FuBar Intergration
Posted By: BigFire
Are there plans for FuBar intergration like Titanbar?
File: Perl Classic Unit Frames04-27-06
Player Portrait
Posted By: BigFire
Just tried this UnifFrame... I think I've find my next one. It just seemed not as bloated as Nymbia's Perl. Now onto the question. In the configuration settings, I've enabled player portrait. However, for the life of me, it simply will not show up. The target's portrait comes up fine and dandy, but not the players. What am I...
File: FuBar 3.6.504-27-06
Odd behavior with 1.1.1007
Posted By: BigFire
I have to make multiple adjustment with 1.1.1007. If the spacing & font size is set a bit too large, FuBar automatically create a second bar to handle the overflow. I'm not sure if this is an intended effect, but it certaintly throw me into a loop for a while.
File: MountMe04-26-06
More request. If I'm not wearing g...
Posted By: BigFire
More request. If I'm not wearing gloves or boots prior to mounting a horse, MountMe does not take them off after I dismount. This could break the illusion of the Farmer ItemRack set.
File: ItemBonusesFu04-26-06
Posted By: BigFire
Nevermind about what I post here before. This mod needs to be update to get the tooltip working again.
File: MountMe04-26-06
One additional feature request. Ei...
Posted By: BigFire
One additional feature request. Either a GUI or switch setting to disable MountMe. This is especially true with AQ40 where there are at least 2 fight that uses mount up charge into the boss fight.
File: MountMe04-24-06
Feature request: BugMount
Posted By: BigFire
/script MountMe:Now() should do a zone check to see if bugmount is applicable. If the player is inside AQ40 and has a bugmount in their inventory, the bugmount should be used.
File: MountMe04-20-06
Any plan to update to work with FuBar?
Posted By: BigFire
With advent of FuBar 1.0, MountMe appears to be calling functions that's no longer supported... Is there an update? I'm getting: Interface\AddOns\specialEvents\BossPanel_SEAura.lua:4: attempt to index global 'BossPanelPlugin' (a nil value) With the SVN version of MountMe & SpecialEvents fixed this problem.
File: FuBar 3.6.504-14-06
Re: Why Switch?
Posted By: BigFire
Originally posted by scotte44 I saw another user ask this question and the only comment I saw was "Fubar is better". I want to know why it is better then Titan. I see the author says its a better design, what does that accomplish? My Titan is working fine. It has all the items I need. I see a bunch of people in this thread are peop...