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File: TipTop07-06-10
Talent text only on raid / group members
Posted By: foreverphk
May I suggest adding an option to enable talent text for raid / group members only? Thanks very much.
File: Skillet11-13-08
Originally posted by SilverShadow...
Posted By: foreverphk
Originally posted by SilverShadow I use Arkinventory as well, and one thing you might not notice is that it no longer reads my alt inventory. Also, my error is slightly different. LibPossessions-146: Unable to obtain items counts using ArkInventory: Interface\AddOns\Skillet\LibPossessions.lua:314: attempt to call field 'It...
File: ClosetGnome11-10-08
I sometimes cannot swap weapons fro...
Posted By: foreverphk
I sometimes cannot swap weapons from one-handed+off hand to two-handed. Here is the fix for all interested: line 914,915 of ClosetGnome.lua local bagType = GetItemFamily(linkId) --local bagType = getItemSubtype(linkId) if bagType == 0 then return true end --if bagType and bagType == INVTYPE_BAG then return true end
File: Know-It-All11-09-08
Could it be enhanced to allow chang...
Posted By: foreverphk
Could it be enhanced to allow changing of bar width / height? Thanks.