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File: TourGuide_Recorder09-11-10
Originally posted by elementium s...
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Originally posted by elementium sorry if this was put somewhere before, but are there any links to some kinda "manual" like thing as to how use the LUA on the tour guide or how to edit it to a useable guilde ingame? or this stricly for recording the things to file and that's it? This is to record data from each quest so it can b...
File: Auditor09-05-10
I know it's not common, but there a...
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I know it's not common, but there are soulbound grey items in the game, if you could throw in a check for soulbound before trying to sell them, I would be super grateful. (It means I wouldn't have to do it after an update xD) Also, an observation... Compared to my former auto-seller, the auditor auto-sell seems a bit slow, I have...
File: DockingStation (Display)08-13-10
/facepalm Apparently the version I...
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/facepalm Apparently the version I had, did not. Sorry to waste your time >.O
File: DockingStation (Display)08-13-10
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Hmm... strange. It wouldn't load for me under any circumstance. xD I wiped out my savedvars, re-created my addon folder with just those 2, and a few other tricks. I just added type = "data source", to the NewDataObject reg and it finally popped up.
File: DockingStation (Display)08-12-10
Quick issue: Mad Hatter doesn't di...
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Quick issue: Mad Hatter doesn't display in the plugins list. It has always worked fine until recently (I just started playing again after a 4 month haitus)... so I was just wondering what may have changed in the way DS handles listing the LDB mods. It lists under Fortress, and it seems to be set up to register properly in the...
File: Inquest02-09-10
I was sort of wondering the same th...
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I was sort of wondering the same thing =/
File: Inquest04-28-09
100% pure awesome-face. Thanks a bu...
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100% pure awesome-face. Thanks a bunch for the LDB feed, though I would like to suggest you seperate "Quest: " to .title and keep the number display "#/#" as the .text. I'm impressed with all the functionality this has now, it's really grown in such a short time. Great job, boss. xD
File: Swindler Preventer04-23-09
There're some new items to add from...
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There're some new items to add from the 3.1 patch... a pet or something at the tournament. I'll try and remember to post the info later >.>
File: Inquest04-15-09
Quest number LDB feed
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I know it may sound lazy, but it'd be awesome sauce if you could add an LDB feed to show how many quests you have/canHave, like beql had, would be awesome. I use it as a quick reference quite often, myself. Also, would it be possible to prevent the frame art from showing when 'lock frame' is toggled on? Nice work though. I thin...
File: Stomped Shear04-03-09
Was just taking a look at the innar...
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Was just taking a look at the innards tonight. You may want to break the addon up into separate module files for easier maintenance and possibly even user removal of parts they don't necessarily want. Just a thought. =)
File: Target Range03-29-09
Re: extended range
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Originally posted by AnElk .... Wish List: One simple box with 2 digits only. Showing the exact range, not just approximates. There are lot of times I'd like to see exactly how fast a target is moving towards or away from me (especially in PvP) so I can time it better with Aimed Shot or Concussion shot.... It's impossible to det...
File: iSquidMod03-11-09
The Angel is called diablo2. You...
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The Angel is called diablo2. You can see a list of end cap icons by entering /squid. You can change your end cap to the angel by entering /squid diablo2
File: Stomped Shear03-06-09
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Would it be feasible to allow DTPS stats to stick until the next fight? So you can take a look at your avg after the mayhem?