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File: Totemus03-27-07
What about adding....
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any chance of adding totem timer support like Narc with spells?
File: Necrosis LdC12-11-06
I have a sudjestion for the "openin...
Posted By: Nunspa
I have a sudjestion for the "opening menus in combat" issue... can you alow us to change the alpha of these buttons? maybe make then darken on mouse over.. Also alow us to "turn off" some of the buttons, I dont summon most of my demons, so maybe alow me to limit the menu to Imp and Felguard. So when the buttons open up... th...
File: Fishing Buddy04-17-06
Any Chance?
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Hi! Is there any chance of you adding FuBar support? I switched over to FuBar and woud luck have it, started a new character with fishing skill...
File: ShardAce03-18-06
Do you have...
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Right now I use Shard Tracker I was woundering, do you have the option to turn off (Hide) buttons you don't use (Firestone for example)
File: WoW UI Designer02-27-06
Posted By: Nunspa
Any idea why its freaking out when I get to Super Inspect mod? it chashes.... Originally posted by JuniorMorgan Business First: Nunspa - I had the same problem...Started with the New 1.10 BETA Interface Kit only. I fixed it by downloading the older interface kit found at http://www.blizzard.com/support/wow/?id=aww01669...
File: WoW UI Designer02-20-06
Interface AddOn Kit (Beta) issue
Posted By: Nunspa
Also it seems to not work with the new addon Tutorial installation what you can DL from Blizz now. When I run WoW UI Designer I get "WoW FramXML directory not found - Use CustomInterfaceKit to extract the interface files" here is the link to the new DL Link Here to the WoW UI forum
File: WoW UI Designer02-20-06
Strange Issue
Posted By: Nunspa
Good Morning I'm starting to get my feet wet with UI Design, (just want to make a menu for my custom UI, like Ultimate UI's) But when I start the program there seems to be an issue with SuperInspect, as soon as it gets to the SuperInspect-UI folder WoW-UI Designer crashes...
File: FuBar 3.6.502-14-06
I was playing last night and notice...
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I was playing last night and noticed one of the Titen addons I use a lot... Titan Aggro I dont know if thats on the list of mods to convert to boss.. but it should be
File: FuBar 3.6.502-12-06
Boss you are getting a LOT cl...
Posted By: Nunspa
Boss you are getting a LOT closer to a kick ass replacement to Titan, I know myself as well as many others are watching this mod very closly.
File: FuBar 3.6.502-09-06
Originally posted by theeo123 I w...
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Originally posted by theeo123 I was jsut curious. from the screenshot, it appears bossbar, is top-bar only, can I add a bar to the bottom , or a second bar on top? or do you have any plans to impliment such functionality? I'm in agreement, that titan is shall we say.... "old-fashioned" coding-wise, but I use a LOT of plug-i...
File: FuBar 3.6.502-08-06
Originally posted by Gaal Are the...
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Originally posted by Gaal Are there any plans to rework any of the Titan-based plugins to work with this? Thats what I was woundering Right now I use Titan BG and Titan friends alot I know it sounds greedy, but untill I see some more addons for Boss I wount be making the switch.... but if I start seeing a lot of people j...