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File: oUF_Dispellable02-02-18
Sorry for taking so long to reply....
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Sorry for taking so long to reply. The default aura element in oUF will expose the debuffType to layouts through PostUpdateIcon once we release the next version. You could use the CustomFilter option from the aura element as all returns from UnitAura are passed to it. The new oUF version should come out pretty soon though.
File: DockingStation (Display)01-02-17
Bug report
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I'm getting this for some time now: 213x DockingStation\Plugins.lua:212: attempt to perform arithmetic on a nil value DockingStation\Plugins.lua:212: in function `?' DockingStation\Core.lua:178: in function Locals: self = { 1 = { } panel = { } 0 =
File: Surprise05-31-14
v1.03 * Your face... what's happen...
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v1.03 * Your face... what's happened to your face?! v1.02 * The Whisperer has been unleashed upon our world. Made my day :)
File: npcTalk01-24-14
My scenario would be: Memorize s...
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My scenario would be: Memorize some name. Go somewhere with noone by that name around. Talk to that name and make him do some emotes. Someone will then ask: "Hey, who are you speaking to, noone's here?" "Hae? Don't you see Dave sitting right here", I would reply. "Hm, do you have an imaginary friend?", he will ask. "But you...
File: Dominos12-08-13
If I disable "Show empty buttons" e...
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If I disable "Show empty buttons" even the tooltips are not there. The problem is reproducible every time I enter the noodle time scenario (all other addons disabled and the dominos profiles reset).
File: Dominos12-07-13
Icons not visible when doing the Noodle Time scenario
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Dominos does not seem to show any icons when doing the noodle time scenario http://oi40.tinypic.com/wr9nb.jpg There should be icons in the buttons 1-5. If I check "Use Blizzard Override Action Bar" the icons are visible.
File: Overachiever05-22-13
GetStatistic(id) has a second retur...
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GetStatistic(id) has a second return now (check line 2072 in Blizzard_AchievementUI.lua). tonumber has a second argument for the base (dafaults to 10) which is expected to be a number, so using tonumber((GetStatistic(id))) should fix the issue.
File: Dominos02-07-13
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A guild mate had a problem logging in on his monk alt (stuck at the login screen with full progress bar). We tracked this to be Dominos' linkedOpacity fault. With only Dominos enabled he was able to log in on every toon except for the monk. He only used linkedOpacity on the monk toon. Commenting out the corresponding line in the SV f...
File: Dominos09-13-12
Got those when joining a random dun...
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Got those when joining a random dungeon while the group was in combat: 1x AddOn "Dominos" tried to call the protected function "DominosClassButton1:SetAttribute()". !BugGrabber-r188\BugGrabber.lua:587: in function Dominos-5.0.23\classBar.lua:175: in function "UpdateSpell" Dominos-5...
File: Archy - Archaeology Assistant02-09-11
In Archy.lua find (line 1197):...
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In Archy.lua find (line 1197): local raceName, currencyID, raceTexture, itemID = GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(k) and change to: local raceName, raceTexture, itemID, currencyID = GetArchaeologyRaceInfo(k) That would fix some of it.
File: JS' Hunter Bar02-09-11
You could use https://github.com/Ad...
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You could use https://github.com/Adirelle/LibDispellable-1.0/blob/master/fetchEnrageList.sh to get a list of all dispellable enrage effects. Other spellIDs are included in https://github.com/Adirelle/LibDispellable-1.0/blob/master/LibDispellable-1.0.lua
File: oUF Swing12-08-10
Sorry for asking this if it is some...
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Sorry for asking this if it is somehow apparent, but how do we hide the swing bar ooc? self.Swing.hideOoc = true doesn't seem to function. Do I have to add manually Twohand, Mainhand and Offhand and then hide them? EDIT: Was my fault sorry. You expect self.Swing to have the texture and color properties, which I was setting via Set...
File: oUF Swing11-28-10
Could you please switch to using th...
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Could you please switch to using the .zip archive format so we could use the MMOUI Minion for updates. Zip is also supported out-of-the-box on windows and OSX, but for .rar an additional program is required.
File: CCReport09-28-10
{skull} will display as the symbol...
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{skull} will display as the symbol skull for enUS and enGB, but every other locale will see it just as text. Locale indipendent strings are {rt1} through {rt8} or you could alternatively use ICON_LIST where index is a number between 1 and 8. The second method only works for frame:AddMessage("text") I believe, you have to use the firs...
File: Clean Icons - Original08-14-10
The question is why is Blizz not do...
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The question is why is Blizz not doing it if it only takes 6 hours :)
File: rButtonTemplate08-13-10
Dominos bug
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Hello Zork, i'm getting this with Dominos and the latest version of rActionButtonStyler: 48x rActionButtonStyler\rActionButtonStyler.lua:74: attempt to index a nil value : in function `ActionButton_Update' Interface\FrameXML\ActionButton.lua:159: in function `ActionButton_UpdateAction': :"*:OnAttributeChan...
File: bdMinimap07-17-10
Could you possibly add the possibil...
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Could you possibly add the possibility to see who pinged on the minimap?
File: rButtonTemplate02-21-10
Hey cool, herzlichen Dank, ich werd...
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Hey cool, herzlichen Dank, ich werde Deine Tipps befolgen. War auch auf dem richtigen Weg mit dem FrameXML Browser. Werde dann meine Fragen in den von Dir vorgeschlagenen Foren stellen. Vielen Dank noch mal Rain
File: rButtonTemplate02-20-10
Ich erlaube mir dann auch auf Deuts...
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Ich erlaube mir dann auch auf Deutsch zu schreiben. Danke für den Hinweis, leider hilft er mir nicht weiter, da I.am.Weasl einfach nur den Behälter des Totembars bewegt. Zum Stylen brauchen wir aber die Buttons selbst. Außerdem braucht man hooksecurefunc um Änderungen abzufangen, was anscheinend in rActionBatStyler nicht nötig ist. I...
File: rButtonTemplate02-19-10
Hi Zork, you stated previously that...
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Hi Zork, you stated previously that you don't play a shaman and thus are not able to implement support for the totem bar. Maybe we could provide some information for you and it would be helpful to add the skinning in rABS. So I just give you what I was able to find out, don't know if it helps you. Button names: - MultiCastSummonS...
File: ncDebuffTimer02-18-10
Would it be possible to disable the...
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Would it be possible to disable the spell name showing in the bars? It would save some space and the spell icons already provide the information. EDIT: Commenting out self.spellname:SetText(spellname) does the trick for me :)
File: Dominos02-18-10
Hello Tuller, according to Zork...
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Hello Tuller, according to Zork classbar does not use the default actionbutton template and because of this it is not skinable with rActionButtonStyler. Would it be possible to alter this somehow?
File: aTotemBar02-18-10
Does anybody know of a way to reski...
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Does anybody know of a way to reskin the buttons? I thought it should be possible through rActionButtonStyler but nothing happens. Would be very grateful for any help
File: Dominos02-16-10
With 1.16.2 my shaman has 3 totem b...
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With 1.16.2 my shaman has 3 totem bars now despite knowing only "Call of the Elements". Respectively totem bars 2 and 3 do not have the buttons for their corresponding call spells. It's ok, I can hide the bars, just wanted to point this out as it doesn't seem logic.
File: Dominos02-06-10
I'm sorry if this has already been...
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I'm sorry if this has already been asked, but do you plan to implement the stock behavior of the totem bar where mouseover brings up a list of available totems to choose from and the chosen totem then goes into to totem bar? This would be awesome as one could change totems fast on the go.