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File: Chinchilla Minimap04-05-13
Posted By: Ladydragon
Hello i got a problem with Chinchilla the best way to describe the problem is to show a screenshot.... and thanks for a great addon :)
File: Buffzilla12-03-11
Re: Shaman Weapon Buffs
Posted By: Ladydragon
Anyone else having an issue where Buffzilla pops up your weapon enchant, you click, and it works and button goes away only to come back in about 10-15 seconds? i recently started to play a Shaman and i get the same error and it's so annoying :( it forces me to find another addon that can help me to reminder :(
File: GupPet11-02-11
Posted By: Ladydragon
Originally posted by kasca Noone working on this? i checked Curse today and yes Guppet is updated there :D
File: TomTom09-27-11
Problem crazy arrow
Posted By: Ladydragon
Hello i have a very annoying problem with Tomtom and it first appear with the latest update i use Lighthead and Tomtom together if i have problem with a quest i look it up in Lighthead and click on the bluemarked waypoints the crazy arrow appears and behave as it should but when i got close to the waypoint the crazy arrow goe...
File: Titan Panel03-03-11
Posted By: Ladydragon
Are you planning to include both Home and World latency? right now i use Broker SH Performance but that Addon doesn't work with Titan Panel so i'll have to use Choocolate bar to show that Addon but i want to use Titan panel i really love your Addon
File: Archy bugfix - DISCONTINUED02-11-11
Thank you
Posted By: Ladydragon
I can't Thank you enough :D great job you did and updated this awesome addon i got a couple of UI errors first but i forgot to write them down sorry but if they come back i'll post them here Thanks again :banana:
File: Bartender410-25-10
Re: Re: Exit Vehicle button
Posted By: Ladydragon
Originally posted by AnrDaemon That's another case of "Read before post" issue. Well i maybe stupid but i can't find anything about it........or did you mean that the addon have a few problem and that is one of them? or can you show me where you have write about it i also have problem with the wehicle button i can't click t...
File: MetaHud - Nuckin Branch08-01-10
Posted By: Ladydragon
i have a problem with this adddon i'll had to reinstalled this addon and since then i have a problem a long green bar is showing up each time i'm entering combatand it is in the center of the screen and i can't move it i been trying to unmark every option but the bar is still in the center of the screen and it's so annoying i...
File: Who Framed Watcher Wabbit?03-29-10
Posted By: Ladydragon
Thanks for a great addon :) i saw the screenshot of an a customized Who Framed Watcher Wabbit and i wonder how you did to make that? :confused: i've tried to change the font but all i got is a black window i've tried to change the background color but i can't make it white all i got is grey or black funny that the border works...
File: LightHeaded02-06-09
Re: Re: i can't get thos addon to work!
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Originally posted by Cladhaire Because the coordinate pair x:56 y:72 is expanded to x:56.00 and y:72.00 in order to provide better precision. I use the English decimal separator (.) and the list separator (,). The coordinates are indeed correct. thanks now i understand the coords :)
File: LightHeaded02-05-09
i can't get thos addon to work!
Posted By: Ladydragon
can someone help me with Lightheaded i can't get it work properly in game i can se the addon when i look at my quests but the comments aren't correct the coords are always wrong and shows likes this 56.00 72.00 88.00 why are the last 2 coords always 00? i love this addon but without right coords showing it's useless :(
File: LightHeaded11-13-08
Posted By: Ladydragon
I have problems with the latest version of Lightheads the coords are wrong and shows like this 81,00 which make it hard to find where you should go :/ any solution to this problems?