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File: SmartBuff05-06-11
Self Buffing Earth Shield
Posted By: Crayfern
I keep having the same bug. I'm a resto shaman healer and love this addon. However in raids it keeps buffing me with Earth Shield. I have Oneself not ticked i have even tried adding myself to the ignore list even though shaman isn't ticked. Yet it still keeps happening. I have taken to needing Earth Shield and Water Shield on b...
File: Caith UI11-14-08
Just wanted to say thanks to you....
Posted By: Crayfern
Just wanted to say thanks to you. I picked up this ui off of the SP forums a while back and have used it ever since. Really adds to the playability of WoW. I have since introduced many others to it who also all love it. I know you get a lot of people hassling you for tech help and even creating a character on your server just t...