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File: ncKillingBlow07-12-12
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Hey, I was going to write a very similar add-on called CockyHealer that added random messages to the party/raid frame whenever a healer got a killing blow, but it looks like most of the coding has already been done here. Perhaps you could add to this or release CockyHealer yourself if you wanted? Just an idea. If you would rather not...
File: CurrencyMonitor12-07-11
Re: Updating on Spend
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
I had a problem the other day where I spent some HP but it kept spamming me that I had money to spend. I think there needs to be an update to the call to let it know when you've spent currency. Flying around Org I kept getting raid warnings to spend points. What version? That's the most important thing because 1.1 was a fairly sub...
File: Will It Mog? [DISCONTINUED]12-06-11
Best name for an add-on in years. I...
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Best name for an add-on in years. If I was interested in mogging my gear a lot, I would definitely use this on the merits of its name alone.
File: CastTimeMonitor12-03-11
Ah! Did a lil' research on the erro...
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Ah! Did a lil' research on the error message. You apparently used Winzip 10 or a newer version or any other software using a newer version of the ZIP compression library. That means that my version of WinAce is getting old. :( Although... I successfully extrated CastTimeMonitor.lua (4889 bytes) and CastTimeMonitor.toc (194 bytes)....
File: CastTimeMonitor12-01-11
It could also be a problem on the t...
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
It could also be a problem on the transmission. Missed a couple of bytes or something. Did you get it working?
File: CastTimeMonitor11-30-11
The archive seems to be corrupted....
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
The archive seems to be corrupted. I can't extract anything from it. That's strange. I've opened the .zip on both of my computers and had my wife open it on hers. Try using 7zip as your archival program; it's the only thing I can think of.
File: famBags01-29-11
Looks very nice and seems to have a...
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Looks very nice and seems to have all the customizability I'm after. Will definitely give this one a try!
File: bdXP12-29-10
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Hi. Here's your fix. I added local v = 0 to line 10 and it fixed the errors. You just forgot to initialize the variable. ;) Edited again: Upon leveling up, the errors returned. Perhaps you need a function to reset the variable at level up.
File: bdXP12-28-10
Lua Error
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Hi. I'm getting the following error: Message: Interface\AddOns\bXP\bXP.lua:12: attempt to compare nil with number Time: 12/28/10 21:39:13 Count: 1 Stack: Interface\AddOns\bXP\bXP.lua:12: in function Interface\AddOns\bXP\bXP.lua:79: in function Interface\AddOn...
File: SBF 3.2 Beta12-28-10
I seriously just cried a little. SB...
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
I seriously just cried a little. SBF was always the first add-on I (re)installed after deciding to scrap a UI. Satrina, your devotion to what basically amounts to a hobby will forever be appreciated. Thank you for making my WoW experience better everyday.
File: Aurora12-16-10
Very sexy. Definitely getting added...
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Very sexy. Definitely getting added to my UI.
File: LowHP12-11-10
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
You might consider mentioning which line(s) need to be edited in order for someone to change the 30% to whatever value they want. ;)
File: get2raid11-27-10
Originally posted by Star_Hobbit...
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Originally posted by Star_Hobbit Big thanks to you! No problem. :)
File: get2raid11-23-10
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
Your English isn't horrible. Heck, it's better than my Spanish. :) This addon is for those players who get moved into groups that cannot participate in the current raid. If your character is not needed for a short time, a raid leader will generally place you in group > 2 for 10-player raids and group > 5 in 25-player raids. Wh...
File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)11-02-10
[name:class] Not Functioning
Posted By: TheRealArkayn
For some strange reason, I cannot get to color my texts in class colors. I went a step further with Lua texts (truncating to 4 characters) like this: function(unit, cache, textframe) local unit = UnitClass("unit") local color = RAID_CLASS_COLORS local r,g,b = color.r, color.g, color.b local n = format("|cff%02x%02x%02x%s|r",r...