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File: QuestGuru09-17-13
Bonus timers?
Posted By: wolfetx
Hello, cany way we can see the bonbus timers for the heroic scenario's and the new proving grounds?
File: TomTom11-09-10
I checked and i have the option for...
Posted By: wolfetx
I checked and i have the option for quest objectives check marked but no arrow on my screen. Now if ia click a way point in lightheaded i get a arrow but no arrow for quest trackiing
File: TomTom11-09-10
Is there a reason for tomtom to not...
Posted By: wolfetx
Is there a reason for tomtom to not be popping up with a arrow to quest objectives? It used to show me but for some reason it no longer does. I can stil lget it to show up if i input a way point but for questing it no longer just pops up.
File: CLC DK04-07-10
ok, how do you open the config for...
Posted By: wolfetx
ok, how do you open the config for this?
File: SSS04-01-10
Ok so i installed this and sure eno...
Posted By: wolfetx
Ok so i installed this and sure enough my fps reading jumped via the ingame read out. Now the question is why does my evga precision still say my fps is 40? Also dont know why iam not getting the error when hitting escape key
File: MikScrollingBattleText02-11-10
Posted By: wolfetx
hello sorry if this has been asked before but i cant find a search option for this area. My question is how do i separate my perma ghoul outgoing and incoming into its own scroll area. I made a new scroll area and tried to send the incoming and out going pet into to that area. Now that works for my army of the dead and my gargoy...
File: Deadly Boss Mods07-15-09
targeting possible?
Posted By: wolfetx
hello i was wondering if there was any way to target via the adds bars. Like the bars that come up on the freya adds. When the water, snaplasher, storm guys show up. Is it possible to make it so if i clicked on the bar it could target that mob?
File: IceHUD12-17-08
Off when no target?
Posted By: wolfetx
Is there a setting so the hud is off when you have no target? then when you target something the hud will toggle on? Awsoem addon btw thanks Wolfe