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File: Carbon UI - DPS / Heal / Tank12-08-12
Just installed
Posted By: Jalonis
I am loving the addon, I have one issue, the quest log is so dark/unreadable, that I can't see the quests, not sure which addon you used to change that. I tried Aurora, then Prat, then Quartz 3, and then Satrina Buff Frames, SunnArt, Loremaster and Masque, in case it was one of these, but, so far, I have been unable to find out how...
File: Altoholic06-28-10
bugsack error while trying to search inside of altoholic
Posted By: Jalonis
I got this error: 30x Altoholic-v3.3.002\Frames\AccountSummary.lua:265: bad argument #2 to 'format' (number expected, got no value) Altoholic-v3.3.002\Frames\AccountSummary.lua:265: in function `Update' Altoholic-v3.3.002\Frames\TabSummary.lua:214: in function `Refresh' Altoholic-v3.3.002\Frames\Calendar.lua:459: in function `f...