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File: Faceroller06-24-10
hmm no response to anything since f...
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
hmm no response to anything since febuary, he/she maybe stopped playing ?
File: Faceroller06-23-10
BOTH the DW frost raceroll included...
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
BOTH the DW frost raceroll included is failing after a short time
File: SkillScore05-17-10
tsk tsk tsk When will people learn...
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tsk tsk tsk When will people learn, that numbers dont say a damn shit about how players play. You still get an achievement if you aredead at the entrance or on the trash, or 1 sec into the bossfight. You get the acheivement even that you don't know shit about the Boss you are going to fight. THIS tool is just an Achievement checke...
File: BadBoy_CCleaner: Filter Crap From Chat04-14-10
aye something for the spamming gui...
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
aye something for the spamming guild recruiters not sure excatly how this works but if it can filter out lines with recruting, recruit or something like that. then ill download this on and "spam" G-chat and Friends about this addon hehe:p
File: StopTradeSpam03-26-10
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
Dont have a clue whats happening in herein the Commet area... translate plz :)
File: Altoholic12-10-09
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
First i will like to thx you for a brilliant addon can't live with out it DAMN Good Job BUT how do i turn of the "You got old mail" when you log on to a new toon Some versions earlier, there was a posibility to disable that. THAT the only "not so good thing" about this lovely ADDON AND Merry Xmas to all in here
File: QuestHelper11-03-09
game crash
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
after i got todays update, WOW crash all time .
File: QuestHelper09-02-09
Re: Re: Ooopsy.. seems i broke it :o
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
It's also possible you've got flaky hardware that's getting overstressed in the Dalaran+QH situation, and not quite melting down without both of those. Maybe my computer dont fir the requirements ?? I Have a 64 Bit Dual core Intel Processoer with 4 GB ram SATA 2 harddrive a ATI Graphicsboard with 1 GB Ram WIN7 OS 64 BIT th...
File: QuestHelper09-01-09
HOW many do Game freez up or D/C yo...
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
HOW many do Game freez up or D/C you when you are in Lagaran ? It happens many times when this addon is active But not when i have removed it completly ..... I have the newes version, i know many are deleting this great addon on Our server cause of it ....
File: Altoholic08-14-09
Re: Re: LAG
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
Originally posted by Thaoky Just to put that out of the way, do you have a decent computer or a very old one ? The code triggered when mousing over an item is consistent, but shouldn't make you lag that much. Could you make this quick test please ? Disable all addons except altoholic, then try again, and see if it's still th...
File: Altoholic08-14-09
Posted By: BrianIgenIgen
when the new Altoholic is loaded, i LAG so much WHEN i have my Mouse over my bags or Items in the bags ... anybags ...thoes in the bank to When i disable the Addon, No lag at all what can i do to change this? PS. My Favorite Addon DAMN Good work ;)