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File: Raven06-12-14
Serpent Sting
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Hi! I use the RealUI addon suite and posted a question there that im gonna shamelessly paste in here when: Hi! i'm a long time user of RealUI and I have recently been looking for ways to improve my DPS as a hunter through playing skills and when talking to warlocks who with their debuffs and watching trinkets got me thinki...
File: RealUI08-29-12
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Really like the new update, but where did DXE go? I noticed its not updated on wowace, is that the reason for it missing..? Do anyone know if it is still being maintained?
File: lcLoot12-13-09
Originally posted by Quee Anyone...
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Originally posted by Quee Anyone else having an issues with the latest version. While in the dungeon the roll window isn't coming up for me. same here but then i noticed i hadn't loaded "out of date addons" which IcLoot Config was labeled as for some reason. Havn't had the opportunity to try with the config loaded yet. this...
File: Ion Action Bars12-01-08
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Well, this might not exactly be related to Macaroon, but Macaroon is what got me here :P I have configured my UI in almost every way as I want it except for one thing now. The squarish buff icons. Cant find where in button facade to make them suckers round too :P Great addons Maul! You're a real hero :D
File: Ion Action Bars11-22-08
round ui
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I read in Wowinsider a while ago about (pre WotLK) with this neat looking round UI (http://www.wowinterface.com/downloads/info9019-RoundUI.html) however it is now completely outdated and i am trying to recreate it for myself now. One thing I haven't figured out yet is how he got those round buttons that looks so good with the cir...