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File: AllPlayed10-16-14
look at wowace, there's a release v...
Posted By: Mato
look at wowace, there's a release version for 5.4.8 which also works in 6.0.2 (yet)
File: Dual Spec Spam Filter (Fan Update)10-08-12
Works brilliant! Cheers! :D
Posted By: Mato
Works brilliant! Cheers! :D
File: RatingBuster01-11-11
Mouseover Lag Issues
Posted By: Mato
For everyone with fps drop issues on mouseover: get the current version from wowace - r326 removed the lags for me.
File: QuestRouterLite12-10-10
Still works for me in 4.0.3a Releas...
Posted By: Mato
Still works for me in 4.0.3a Release, only one small thing... If you have a turnin mark (?) for a quest on your map, it will always show the question mark blob in the center of the minimap, thus obscuring the player's position arrow. What Swatter gave me: Date: 2010-12-10 22:35:21 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 163...
File: OneClickEnchantScroll12-05-10
Posted By: Mato
..what I needed! Again something for people who like the standard UI but use minimalistic Addons to make it more usable in small ways. Thanks again! :banana:
File: QuestHelper02-03-09
Filter requests
Posted By: Mato
Could you implement some specific filters? To be more specific: a filter for quests tagged as "group" and one for "dungeon". Those are always in QH's mapping; I know that I could ignore them but then they won't show up in instances. Kudos for the great work!
File: GathererDB WoWHead12-04-08
Everfrost Chips are sadly missing i...
Posted By: Mato
Everfrost Chips are sadly missing in the Database though Gatherer has an option for showing them; implementing those would be great :)