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File: Addon Control Panel08-30-17
Patch 7.3
Posted By: Trixie1971
Since the patch came out, I am unable to click on the ACP button in my main menu. Don't remember seeing any bugs though. For clarification - the button is there in the list, just nothing happens when clicked. Thanks, Trixie
File: Addon Control Panel06-25-17
Error since updating to v3.4.31
Posted By: Trixie1971
This is the error I'm getting on login on all of my characters: 3x ACP\ACP-r234 .lua:110: Locale key Load is not provided. : in function `error' ACP\ACP-r234 .lua:110: in function ACP\ACP-r234 .lua:498: in function `OnLoad' :1: in function <:1> Locals: (*temporary) = "Locale key Load is not provided."...
File: Pawlixx UI02-22-17
Love the pack
Posted By: Trixie1971
I was wondering which addon is for the cast bars? Thanks! Trixie
File: Korshakov's UI pack05-24-11
US Server?
Posted By: Trixie1971
It seems that the latest version of your UI is trying to log me into an EU server rather than a US server - how do I correct this (I play on US server)? Thanks, Trixie
File: RahUI-All Purpose UI04-11-11
Quick question
Posted By: Trixie1971
I was trying to figure out which addon was controlling the red error message display and nothing stood out to me. I would like to show those blizzard red error messages that usually show up in the center/top of the screen - could u tell me where I can turn them back on please? Otherwise LOVE the UI!!! Thanks, Trixie
File: Mono UI03-14-11
Raid debuffs
Posted By: Trixie1971
Hi, I was wondering if the raid frames show raid debuff icons and/or HoT icons? Just trying to figure out if this UI will work for me as raiding resto druid cuz I really like the look and layout :) Thanks, Trixie
File: LucciUI03-13-11
1440x900 version
Posted By: Trixie1971
Hi, I am also interested in the 1440x900 version - just wondering if its been uploaded and I missed it :) Thanks, Trixie
File: GupPet11-23-10
New pally mounts
Posted By: Trixie1971
Looks like there's been some changes to the pally mounts - my chracter is a draenei pally and she now has two elekks for pally mounts: GupPet: Exarch's Elekk , 73629 GupPet: Great Exarch's Elekk , 736304 Thanks, Trixie
File: oUF_lumen09-28-10
Quick Question
Posted By: Trixie1971
As a raid healer, I have come to be pretty dependent on one feature of Grid - the GridStatusRaidDebuffs. Just wondering if something like this is incorporated into your raid frames or not. Thanks, Trixie
File: oUF_lumen09-07-10
Re: Re: Re: Re: Icon indicators
Posted By: Trixie1971
Originally posted by neverg Nope, sorry. Still in the todo list. The reason is, I'm trying to implement better looking icons then the normal Blizzard Ones, so I'm still "developing" the graphics for them. :) I will implement such thing, might take a couple more major builds (1.x Builds). :) Ok, just making sure I didn't miss...
File: oUF_lumen09-06-10
Re: Re: Icon indicators
Posted By: Trixie1971
Originally posted by neverg That's coming next version. It will have it for sure, but I'm not at home (vacations) will have to wait till the end of the month. I've seen there have been a couple updates since this post, but I didn't see any mention of adding the icons in the change log - have the different icons been added (pvp,...
File: oUF_Anubis08-19-10
Posted By: Trixie1971
My personal opinion on the buffs/debuffs is I like it the way it is now. I am using Elkano Buff Bars which allows me to easily place them anywhere, and it doesn't seem to bog down my system like satrina buff frames does. My vote would be to keep it the way it is :D
File: oUF_Anubis08-18-10
Woot, thanks for the speedy update!!
Posted By: Trixie1971
Woot, thanks for the speedy update!!
File: oUF_Anubis08-17-10
I agree - this is a very nice layou...
Posted By: Trixie1971
I agree - this is a very nice layout. I am getting one error upon login, but only when SmoothUpdate is turned on. If I disable smoothupdate, it works fine. Here's the error: Date: 2010-08-17 15:13:28 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\oUF_Anubis\oUF_Anubis.lua line 200: attempt to call global '...
File: oUF_Nivaya08-17-10
re: Error
Posted By: Trixie1971
I went through each addon, activating them one at a time, and it appears that Shared Media is the culprit. This is about as far as my troubleshooting skills go because I know very little about LUA code. I'm not sure how to handle this considering other ouf layouts work ok with Shared Media active. Thanks, Trixie
File: oUF_Nivaya08-16-10
Posted By: Trixie1971
just tried to use this layout with the latest oUF (v1.4.3 - tried both downloads from WoWInterface and GitHub) and got this error - and the layout doesn't load at all: Date: 2010-08-16 18:36:40 ID: 1 Error occured in: Global Count: 1 Message: ..\AddOns\oUF_Nivaya\oUF_Nivaya.lua line 377: attempt to index a nil value Debug...
File: oUF_Nivaya08-16-10
Originally posted by kin Great wo...
Posted By: Trixie1971
Originally posted by kin Great work! Best unit frames I ever had! It's nearly perfect, but I have some tiny little requests. If you tell me what to do/where to find, I will try to change it all by myself. 1. I have a problem with the LFD icons, they are only shown on the first two party members. They seemed to be "overlapped"...
File: Cellular08-16-10
3.3.5 compatibility
Posted By: Trixie1971
So I see the note that this may be broken with patch 3.3.5 - just wondering if you are planning to update it or if its being abandoned? Thanks, Trixie
File: oUF_lumen08-16-10
Icon indicators
Posted By: Trixie1971
Hi, love the layout...just have one question - is there a way to display icon indicators such as in-combat, pvp, resting, etc? As a healer, I heavily rely on the in-combat to determine when I can begin resurecting the dead - I noticed not having it last night in raid. Please let me know! Thanks, Trixie
File: DyaUI08-14-10
Pally buff tracker
Posted By: Trixie1971
Hi, I was just wondering what that addon is that shows the pally aura, sacred shield and seal. Thanks, Trixie EDIT: nvm I realized it's part of Vuhdo :) Forgot that Vuhdo has its own buff tracker
File: aUI Widescreen08-08-10
Originally posted by Orko Ok the...
Posted By: Trixie1971
Originally posted by Orko Ok the way to fix the problem right now is first its not AUI but aui.. caps does matter. The other thing is prat and statblock core profiles were not loaded. That was my fault. The way to do it would be after /reflux switch aui... Go into statblock and prat options. The current profile should read aui. The...
File: aUI Widescreen08-07-10
Originally posted by sparhawk36 T...
Posted By: Trixie1971
Originally posted by sparhawk36 The profiles don't appear to be right in the new release. the addon profiler does not work, and /reflux switch AUI does not fix the layout. this is on any resolution. Thanks Thank goodness, I thought it was just me... lol
File: Tidy Plates07-30-10
Hi...quick question...
Posted By: Trixie1971
Just wondering what the difference was between this one and the PublicTest Beta? Thanks! Love the addon - thanks for keeping it up to date :D
File: oUF_Pearl12-09-09
Posted By: Trixie1971
Hey there, sorry I'm a little new to lua editting - how do i add the portraits so that my unit frame looks like the image shown? Thanks, Trixie
File: oUF_Banthis12-08-09
Posted By: Trixie1971
Hi there, I am trying to figure out why my player buffs are showing up in the blizz default location rather than next to my portrait like it's shown in the image. I'm not well versed in the LUA code to figure it out on my own. I'm using oUF_Banthis version 1.8.2 Any suggestions? Thanks, Trixie