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File: DoTimer08-04-09
DoTimer Filters?
Posted By: SleepyAE
With 3.2 out, I'm appearing to be getting several buff notices from players around me show up on my screen (EDIT: When I have nothing targeted. When I target something, the timers go away. They come back after I've cleared my target.) Just logging in on my paladin, my DoTimer has a timer for Fel Armor (for the warlock standing n...
File: DoTimer04-29-09
PlayerAuras Error
Posted By: SleepyAE
I've been using PA to show the Life Tap, Lightweave and Eradication timers. 4.3.1 set everything to default and while I was putting my profile back together, I got this error message: : DoTimer-4.3.1\Core\TimerLib\group.lua:14: attempt to index local 'b' (a nil value) : in function `sort' DoTimer-4.3.1\Core\TimerLib\...
File: DemonDaemon11-20-08
Received the following error on a n...
Posted By: SleepyAE
Received the following error on a new character: DemonDaemon-1.08\DemonDaemon.lua:659: GetSpellLink(): Invalid spell slot DemonDaemon-1.08\DemonDaemon.lua:659: in function