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File: DecUI03-21-18
Love the ui :) quick question. r...
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Love the ui :) quick question. recently I've been getting this spam in my right chat box. any ideas on what this is? http://prntscr.com/iujprf
File: Bati's UI08-10-10
is there any reason as to why satri...
Posted By: glamour
is there any reason as to why satrinas buff frames arent working with buttonfacade?
File: RealUI03-02-10
just a quick question, what are the...
Posted By: glamour
just a quick question, what are the two buttons next to chat? and can i add more buttons?
File: IshtaraUi05-29-09
thankyou for the help :D
Posted By: glamour
thankyou for the help :D
File: IshtaraUi05-28-09
map help
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ever since chinchilla was updated by curse client. the map seems to have a white line through it because of the kgpanels. http://img12.imageshack.us/img12/7564/wowscrnshot052809183539.th.jpg Any way i can sort it out?
File: hud05-18-09
very nice :D
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pretty nice addon you have here :D although im abit confused on how to set the range checker up :( what am i supposed to put in "ability" as ive tried putting in certain spells i want to use but nothing work
File: Blacksen's UI (1680x1050)03-15-09
pretty slick ui :)
Posted By: glamour
Been using Damia's UI up untill now when I saw your's on the nihilium thread. One question though is that im having alot of trouble moving the prat frames around. Theres one that seems to be out of place and i cant find it in the options to unlock the frames so i can move them. When i disable every addon i still cant move my cha...