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File: Ara Broker Tradeskills08-06-12
MoP Fix.
Posted By: voyseys
Blast, I missed that comment earlier, Oh well. I always thought this addon was fairly stable. Did not know about the odd cool-downs. As for Mop, to keep it at least running for a little while longer.. heh Blizzard have changed the way Pets work. Caging, Arrrgh. :) you will need to insert a little line in the 'fu...
File: Paparrazzi307-22-09
Missing Library ... Sort of.
Posted By: voyseys
Bug Grabber come up with a Library Fatality. Paparazzi3-4.5\Paparazzi3.lua:8: Cannot find a library instance of "LibBossIDs-1.0" Altoholic-v3.1.004\libs\libstub\libstub.lua:23: in function `LibStub' Paparazzi3-4.5\Paparazzi3.lua:8: in main chunk Will check With no Altoholic later. Nice addon by the way. :) I am usin...
File: Toons-v211-22-08
Slight error in Toons 2.0N1
Posted By: voyseys
at line 69 in toons_frame.lua Change texture:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", frame, "TOPLEFT", 0, 5); to texture:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", frame, "TOPLEFT"); This should fix the Toons tab in the Friends Frame. I got fed up with the Tab a quarter of the way up the frame. :D Love the info though. ;)