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File: SpellAlerter05-20-09
Most annoying bug is that sound not...
Posted By: Kartun
Most annoying bug is that sound notification aren't routed througth the volume settings and allways played on 100%, even if master set to 10%. Would it be fixed any time soon ?
File: Party's Over05-19-09
Heh ...
Posted By: Kartun
Why not to make macro "/run HidePartyFrame()" ? Original : http://www.wowwiki.com/Removing_Blizzard_default_frames#Party_Window
File: AfterMath05-14-09
So options ?
Posted By: Kartun
Are there any way to config the addon without touchin a code ? First of all I'd like to reposition numbers because It's interefere with macro name It's overwrite Power Aura(s) It would be just nice
File: Bartender402-22-09
Feature request
Posted By: Kartun
When I was using "bongos" long time ago it was hightlighting dots that are placed on current target. So when button isn't hightlighted I know that I've to renew dot. Is that possible with bartender, or can it be done with some 3rd party addon ?
File: Wintergrasp Timer02-06-09
Battle in progress
Posted By: Kartun
While battle in progress addon show "N/A", but imo it's a bit annoying. Also if someone ask about WG you have to stop battle and answer manually. So I've modded it such way : text12 = "Time Remaining:"; local vehicles1, vehicles2 ... elseif event == "UPDATE_WORLD_STATES" then local timeString = ""; local insideWG = false;...
File: Wintergrasp Timer02-06-09
A bit more moddy
Posted By: Kartun
On our server I've to announce LFM, so I've to make a small mod to simplify this. ------------------------------------ text10 = "LFM WG." text11 = ".Whisper for inv, or type inv here"; ..... OnClick = function(self, button) ..... if IsAltKeyDown() then if button == "LeftButton" and WGTime > 0 then...
File: Wintergrasp Timer01-27-09
Posted By: Kartun
I've made quick dirty mod to make this addon more suitable for me and my guildies. local last_msg = "" local antispam = 0 local announced = false local detection_control = 0 local antispam_delay = 30 local side = ""; local function myChatFilter(msg) if (antispam - time() <= 0) then last_msg = ""; antispam = time() + a...