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File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows12-03-08
Re: Re: Problems with synching?
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Originally posted by FrankN Remove SpartanUI from your addon folder, than it should be gone from the UI manager list. Tried that. Still showing SpartanUI in the UI Manager main window and not nUI, which is now in the AddOn directory. EDIT: Now I got nUI and SpartanUI showing up in the window, with only nUI in the AddOn dire...
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows12-02-08
Problems with synching?
Posted By: Solaran_X
I recently decided to switch from SpartanUI to nUI. So I added nUI to my favorites on this website and removed SpartanUI. I then loaded UI Manager and sure enough...SpartanUI stayed on my list. I uninstalled UI Manager, deleted the MMOInterface directory, and then reinstalled. Got prompted to search for WoW launcher and my WoWInte...