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File: oUF_Luna10-24-09
Just wanted to say that I love thes...
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Just wanted to say that I love these unit frames. I've been using them for a few months now, I dread the day that they break. Thanks for your hard work, the layout really is perfect.
File: Digits11-26-08
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Is it possible to remove the % while displaying health/mana as a percentage? Probably not worth implementing as an option, but is there a simple way for me to alter that property? Thanks for the mod!
File: IceHUD11-25-08
Re: Re: Bar Textures
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Originally posted by Parnic No, that is not supported. You'd have to hack up the code to make that work. Ok, thanks for the quick reply.
File: IceHUD11-24-08
Bar Textures
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Hi, I'm looking to use IceHUD as a base for a custom UI, and I'm wondering, is it possible to use a different texture for each bar? I don't think it's a feature that most people would want, but I hope there's some advice you can give me on the subject. Just to clear up what I mean: I'd like to have my player bar on the left, targe...