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http://i45.tinypic.com/2lxrm1.jpg Why would rangecolors use that much CPUtime while running through dalaran? EDIT: Never mind, read the comments over on curse and got my answer.
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Thanks for a quick reply. Keep up...
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Thanks for a quick reply. Keep up the good work :)
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Originally posted by Newdles ...R...
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Originally posted by Newdles ...Recount continues recording. X-Perl still shows incoming damage and heals on portraits... Then you're not talking about the same problem at all, because the combatlog error will affect all addons like that. It might be some of your addons conflicting, or something in the config. Try deleting the...
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Let me just say, great addon. Been...
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Let me just say, great addon. Been using it for ages. Got a question for you though. Is it possible to make incoming hits play a sound, while partial blocks does not? I've found the option to disable partial effects, but I'd rather send partial blocks to its own scroll window instead without making a sound. Let me rephrase my...
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Re: Re: Craftinglinks
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Originally posted by Derkyle I'm not entirely sure I understand what you mean by crafting links.. (...) When you open your professiontab, and shiftclick an item to link materials. http://i46.tinypic.com/mkev44.jpg
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Feature suggestion: Is it possible to add support for the crafting links? Atlasloot for example uses these links, which I use all the time instead of asking someone to paste their professionlink. I assume this might be complicated due to the item showing as pure text, and not an item of its own. EDIT: Also, an option to ignore...
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Re: Re: Re: Odd Mouseover/Right-Click Behavior
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Turned off all addons, and it still happens (Nameplate stacking not enabled). If a unit is targetable behind the healthbar, clicking twice will end up targeting the unit behind. This is rather annoying because I tend to click the nameplates more then once (force of habit).
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Re: Odd Mouseover/Right-Click Behavior
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Originally posted by acapela update: i went ahead and reported this as a bug, to Blizzard. in playing with "sniper472"'s SimpleRaidTargetIcon problems (and looking very very carefully for weirdness having to do with mouse interaction with nameplates), i noticed something odd. when a unit is selected/targeted, the mouseover "h...
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Movement modifier
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Is it possible to add a modifier button (ex. alt/shift/ctrl etc) to make the healthbars stop moving around? As a tank you have to pick up moving adds all the time, and having to click a moving healthbar is less accurate than making them stand still first :) I realize that the coding for this would be very extensive, but I'm goin...