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File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)12-30-09
drop down?
Posted By: fuzznut
What is the drop down in the login screen for and how do you remove?
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)09-15-09
Posted By: fuzznut
ok think I found the culprit for all these system crashes and I must say I am glad. I haven't had an extensive time to test this out but I know that when it is disabled I am crash free on login. I wanted to post my findings so others that have this issue can test this out and see if this also fixes there problems. The addons tha...
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)09-10-09
Still crashing.
Posted By: fuzznut
Anyone able to find out why wow crashes with this compilation. I have tried a few different addons. Hoping someone can save me some time.
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)09-06-09
Re: Re: Have a couple questions
Posted By: fuzznut
Originally posted by Persiphonie I know for your question 2 if you open /recount or type /recount profile choose Skepsis - Mal'Ganis you will load his recount setup.. atleast that how i did it. The chat thing I cant help with since i didnt have that issue. Thanks a ton. That is one thing off my list. Now to try and fix the wo...
File: Kith's UI (Elv UI)09-01-09
Have a couple questions
Posted By: fuzznut
Love your UI but I seem to run into a couple issues trying to implement your screen. They aren't big ones by no means but would definitely add to the playing experience. #1 - chat frames are to long and when I go to change to the right width the hight then becomes to tall and won't match up to the predefined areas. I have tried...
File: WoWInterface UI Manager - Windows11-26-08
New to Wow UI manager
Posted By: fuzznut
Recently installed wowinterface manager but all my addons come up with resolve on them.. So when I go and search the addon on wowinterface I can't see to find the UID for the items. Out of all 118 addons I have installed am I going to need to go through all them to resolve the update issue. Fuzz