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File: Doom_CooldownPulse04-04-10
Great addon! Any chance you could...
Posted By: Daemonspawn
Great addon! Any chance you could get this up on WowAce? It'd be miles simpler to install that way. If not, I understand.
File: Healerbuttons 304-27-09
Did this break as of 3.1.1? If...
Posted By: Daemonspawn
Did this break as of 3.1.1? If it didn't I'm having serious issues
File: Healerbuttons 303-22-09
Healerbuttons for all classes?
Posted By: Daemonspawn
Is there any way that someone could modify the .lua files to make it so that classes such as Magi, DKs, Warriors, Hunters, etc can all use the healerbuttons for bandages and things like Remove Curse for Magi, and other buffs? And one more thing, for some reason, I cannot get Mark of the Wild to work, even if i type: /hb bind 4l M...
File: Bookworm11-26-08
For some reason, the books i got ou...
Posted By: Daemonspawn
For some reason, the books i got out of the Scarlet Monastery : Library instance, along with other books don't allow me to click on the number next to them. No errors, but I can't read them. Hah! Nevermind, logged out then in and it works. Great addon.