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File: Collectinator03-22-11
Some more that are missing (I have...
Posted By: Conzar
Some more that are missing (I have others that have been previously mentioned too): Pet: 78685 gold-mini-jouster 92395 Guild Page Mount: 88748 Brown Riding Camel 92231 Spectral Steed 88749 Tan Riding Camel Edit: nvm... found it on WowAce http://www.wowace.com/addons/collectinator/
File: BadBoy: Spam Blocker & Reporter03-18-11
Calendar spam
Posted By: Conzar
First off: Love this mod! I looked through the last few pages of comments and saw nothing on this, so thought I'd bring it up. Recently people have been sending out spam as Calendar Event invitations. It is incredibly annoying for guilds that actually use the Calendar :) I'm sure you've noticed it or at least heard about it...
File: Gatherer12-08-10
How could Archaeology be added? All...
Posted By: Conzar
How could Archaeology be added? All the tools you need are already in the game.
File: AtlasLoot Enhanced12-04-10
Access Violation
Posted By: Conzar
I was getting the Access Violation too, until I drilled down to: C:\Users\Public\Games\World of Warcraft\WTF\Account\\SavedVariables and deleted the AtlasLoot files there. Hope this helps some of you.
File: Gatherer10-20-10
Conzar, First, you need to updat...
Posted By: Conzar
Conzar, First, you need to update to 3.1.15. Oops! I was sure Gatherer updated in WUU, but I guess it only updated to 3.1.14. Sorry for the timewasting noob mistake.
File: Gatherer10-16-10
I have Gatherer partially working....
Posted By: Conzar
I have Gatherer partially working. I can receive Gathers from guildies, but my own don't work. The report page does list them, so I know they are there, just not being added to or drawn on the map. This is the first error I receive. It happens as I'm travelling, and the "GetTrackingTexture" reference, could be related to an icon...
File: Auto Buy Reagents02-12-10
Re: Death Knight fix.
Posted By: Conzar
Originally posted by Shazear ..."DEATHKNIGHT"... Shaze, you are a star - worked out the reagent bit, but couldn't figure this one out. Guess I should have come back here after rolling my Death Knight... or should that be Deathknight? :-D
File: DoTimerFanFix12-23-09
Making Life Tap visible again
Posted By: Conzar
I made my Warlock's set of Dotimer timers really minimalist so only the ones needed for my symphony of damage is displayed. Unfortunately, I blocked Life Tap in amongst all the chaos of shift-right clicking a scrolling list of timers in a raid. Obviously, I need this back. I found the black list of timers, but its so big it goes...
File: Class Buttons11-27-08
I have a problem with the Warlock v...
Posted By: Conzar
I have a problem with the Warlock version of the Vertical Bar (not sure if it's restricted to the Warlock version or not). It isn't retaining it's visibility setting. I wanted to switch it off (as I use another addon which unrolls and has more options on the Soulshard spells), but it wouldn't stay off. It comes back on every l...