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File: RABuffs01-30-09
Originally posted by Vampyrate My...
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Originally posted by Vampyrate My Rabuffs.vui.lua doesn't even have that line. Then download the latest version...don't complain that it doesn't work if you're using an old version.
File: RABuffs01-26-09
Easy fix
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Remove this row from RABuffs.vui.lua: self:SetHeight(control:Run(SelectState, self:GetAttribute("headheight"), value, self:GetHeight())); and your addon is working again.
File: RABuffs11-27-08
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Got an error when joining a group with a deathknight. I added deathknight to RAB_ClassShort in RABuffs_core.lua and the error went away. RAB_ClassShort = {Mage="m", Warlock="l", Priest="p", Rogue="r", Druid="d", Hunter="h", Shaman="s", Warrior="w", Paladin="a", Pet="e", Deathknight="t", m="Mage", l="Warlock", p="Priest",...