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File: WildList01-26-10
Space and '
Posted By: Wildhorn666
I will update the addon with a fix to allow to add players with space or ' in their server name. I will have to test it when servers come back up and then I should upload it here.
File: WildIgnore01-24-10
Originally posted by Angrysteel N...
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Originally posted by Angrysteel Nothing against the mod at all, its a nice idea. But how is this easier than just right clicking their name from the chat box, and hitting ignore? This seems to be more work, to ignore someone with special characters in their name. Many people (like me) prefer to type than clicking (clickin...
File: WildIgnore01-20-10
Originally posted by Dridzt Hmm.....
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Originally posted by Dridzt Hmm... doesn't the default client do that? I always thought that if you target someone and type /ignore it ignores them. I could be wrong though :p You are wrong :P
File: WildDPS (DPS/Healing/Threat meter)11-10-09
Originally posted by KleinerMink...
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Originally posted by KleinerMink I do not see any window frame at all. :confused: Localization problem? I use german client. Did you try the reset /command ? Sometimes the anchor might be in the wrong place, so reseting it with the command put it back in middle of your screen. Also, if you are a UI addon heavy user, most...
File: WildDPS (DPS/Healing/Threat meter)11-07-09
I finally updated it to save your s...
Posted By: Wildhorn666
I finally updated it to save your settings!
File: Power Auras Classic10-21-09
Originally posted by Lilitharien...
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Originally posted by Lilitharien Apparently that's what I happened, I reset the x/y settings in layout-local.txt. Thanks. ><; No problemo :)
File: Power Auras Classic10-21-09
Here is another question: When y...
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Here is another question: When you check in "Text Aura", is it possible to pass a variable (example: UnitHealth("name")) instead of static text? If not, I think this would be a nice addition to the addon :)
File: Power Auras Classic10-21-09
Thanks alot TheIceMan. It worked fi...
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Thanks alot TheIceMan. It worked fine :D @Lilitharien: Do you have an addon that allow to move/hide frames? If yes, you might have by mistake "erased" powa frame or moved it out of the screen.
File: Power Auras Classic10-19-09
Need info
Posted By: Wildhorn666
I need some information about the textbox next to the checkbox "Exact Name". The one that the tooltip start with "Enter here other Aura IDs to combine checks." What is it exactly and how do I use it? Also, what is the difference between Character effects and Global effects? Is it only to give a separation or is there a real diff...
File: Power Auras Classic10-12-09
Found a bug with timers
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Hello. I found a bug with timers. When you set up a Timer for a Debuff on an Enemy Target and set a Duration: When you cast the debuff, it shows up the timer and icon, but if you stop to target the said target, the timer and icon go away. Also if you target back your target, the icon show up again, but the timer is gone....
File: OpenAll09-12-09
I dont like how you didnt format yo...
Posted By: Wildhorn666
I dont like how you didnt format your code (missing all the returns and no tabs). It just look like a big mess of text. It is not nice for people who read code to try to learn lua.
File: IgnoreMore02-24-09
Originally posted by Visceroid no...
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Originally posted by Visceroid not an idea, but a must have :( I use IgnoreMore cause I have so many people on ignore I never ever want so see again.. it doesn't mater if thatÄs in Trade or Group ^^ actually I would even like if IgnoreMore just warns me if there is someone in the group who I have on ignore or if someone joins who i...
File: IgnoreMore02-21-09
Could you make this addon to block...
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Could you make this addon to block group invite? It is very annoying when someone you ignored start to spam you invites. Some information that might help you: DeclineGroup() --is to decline a group invitation and a player invite will come into the following format: has invited you to join a group. I would edit the ad...
File: WildDPS (DPS/Healing/Threat meter)02-13-09
Originally posted by richerich An...
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Originally posted by richerich Any chance that this addon will add a .lua file, so i dont have to reconfigure for every character i have... When I will have time :) Right now, CEGEP take a good chunk of my time and I barely have any left.
File: WildDPS (DPS/Healing/Threat meter)01-08-09
Re: Update
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Version 1.2.1 out. This is to fix a bug with display in party chat (i forgot a "," in my code)
File: WildDPS (DPS/Healing/Threat meter)01-05-09
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Patch 1.2 is here
File: WildDPS (DPS/Healing/Threat meter)01-02-09
Re: reload command
Posted By: Wildhorn666
I updated it with a reset function :)
File: IgnoreMore12-29-08
Hmmm... I discovered some problems:...
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Hmmm... I discovered some problems: 1) Doesnt block group invite 2) Doesnt block chat bubble 3) Doesnt block them to chat in party/raid whatever
File: WildDPS (DPS/Healing/Threat meter)12-29-08
I would, if I knew how :) I just...
Posted By: Wildhorn666
I would, if I knew how :) I just learned how to make addons like 2-3 days ago :)
File: SimpleDPS12-20-08
Doesnt work
Posted By: Wildhorn666
This mod doesnt work... alway show 0 damage done and 0 dps. I am currently checking the .lua to try to find whats the problem. If i can find a solution, I will post what to do to make it work because i think a such simple dpsmeter is the best. EDIT: Found it. It was a very noob error the guy made. The first function in Frame.lu...
File: Power Auras Classic12-13-08
WTF is wrong?
Posted By: Wildhorn666
Hey. I am using PAC since a good time now (great job btw), but now i wanted to set up couple things for my priest, but i get alot of issues. 1) It doesnt want to track if Holy Fire is on cooldown or not 2) It doesnt want to track if I am buffed with Inner Fire or not My setting for Holy Fire are: Action Usable, Only if in co...
File: Power Auras Classic11-28-08
Posted By: Wildhorn666
I discovered 2 problems with the Energy/Rage/Power option. 1) If I set it to 40, it wont pop up until I have OVER 40 instead when I have 40. I found a counter to it (via checking in to invert it and checking in Show when not active) but would be nice to fix it :) 2) The threshold is 5 by 5, which with some talents that reduce r...