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File: LootDB12-30-12
AceEvent Error
Posted By: ggman
That maybe because of the old ACE2 library. Im working on converting this over to ACE3. If all goes well Ill release soon. Latest release. 45x LootDB-r58\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0-91097.lua:987: attempt to call global "GetRealNumRaidMembers" (a nil value) LootDB-r58\libs\AceEvent-2.0\AceEvent-2.0-91097.lua:910: in funct...
File: LootDB01-04-10
Translation "nil" errors
Posted By: ggman
I forgot to enter Emblem of Frost in the translation table. This has been fixed in the latest version.
File: LootDB12-16-09
This has been fixed.
Posted By: ggman
This has been fixed.
File: LootDB10-19-09
Posted By: ggman
- Fixed error, Added missing translation Emblem of Triumph - Added new German translations - Add zhTW file for Chinese translations. Can anyone verify the Taiwan-Chinese translations in the zhTW file?
File: LootDB10-18-09
I had to figure out what zhTW even...
Posted By: ggman
I had to figure out what zhTW even means! It turns out that it's the Chinese translation. I not sure where to even begin with that. Originally posted by shinchih2001 please update for zhTW thanks a lot!!
File: LootDB10-16-09
This is a complete updated replacem...
Posted By: ggman
This is a complete updated replacement for the original. Just overwrite the old files. Originally posted by Spinhalf The main page states that this mod won't work without the original LootDB, yet the folders and file names appear to be identical for both. Do I need the old one? Thx!
File: GearCheck (InventoryOnPar)10-05-09
Posted By: ggman
Version 13.23 Stable, updated for ToC bosses.
File: GearCheck (InventoryOnPar)10-04-09
Posted By: ggman
I added the ToC bosses and Koralon to the raid score. Fixed the IOP_PaperDoll lua error.
File: GearCheck (InventoryOnPar)10-03-09
V 13.20
Posted By: ggman
Updated to work with 3.2. I have NOT yet added the new TOC bosses to the raid score but that shouldn't be a big deal.
File: GearCheck (InventoryOnPar)06-29-09
IOPFU - Load outdated addons checkbox
Posted By: ggman
At this time, you have to make sure that "Load outdated addons" is checked in your login screen. The iopfu interface version wasnt bumped up yet. Originally posted by Auraka I have fubar, or rather fubar to broker with a fubar shell. Doesn't auto load :/
File: GearCheck (InventoryOnPar)06-29-09
iop fu
Posted By: ggman
You must have the fubar addon installed to use iopfu. It should load automatically once you have that. Note that iopfu isn't necessary. You can always just type /iop show
File: GearCheck (InventoryOnPar)06-16-09
I have been trying to contact the o...
Posted By: ggman
I have been trying to contact the original author, Pericles, for several weeks without success. I also want to give him full credit for his original work. I've tried to make that clear. Please also note that his original add-on and this enhanced version are both freeware. I just added language at the top of the description th...
File: PlayerScore / GearScore05-20-09
Gear Slot Table
Posted By: ggman
Hi, I was looking for an addon that would aid me in distributing loot. It would be nice to be able to see each players gear for a specific slot in order to determine who should get a piece of loot. Thats when I came across GearScore. I noticed in your blog that you said: "I plan to add in a table of gear items everyone in...
File: Call To Arms (monitor LFG channel)04-24-09
Posted By: ggman
Yes. I have the fix for the autolfg feature. Right now im just hardcoding the type to DPS. Im looking into this chatthrottle thing.
File: naiStats - track your xp03-24-09
Updated Version
Posted By: ggman
Ive just uploaded an enhanced version of naiStats that includes more stats and also adds the command line reset. The enhanced version is in optional files above.
File: Call To Arms (monitor LFG channel)12-12-08
I have the guild chat scanning opti...
Posted By: ggman
I have the guild chat scanning option in place for the next version. Im testing it now. Group messages from guild chat will not be forwarded to other CTA users. A note on the CTA channel... CTA monitors several channels for group messages -- including local channels like General, Local Defense, and Trade. Messages picked up on...
File: Call To Arms (monitor LFG channel)12-10-08
Bug Fix
Posted By: ggman
Version 3.0.3 fixes this. I was inadvertantly deleting msgs as they were being forwarded. Originally posted by Scae I don't seem to get many results so I checked the log (neat tool that). It seems CTA picks up messages fine, but then 'forwards' them at which point they disappear from the list of messages found :( Consequentl...
File: Call To Arms (monitor LFG channel)12-07-08
I've fixed the "attempt to index lo...
Posted By: ggman
I've fixed the "attempt to index local 'item' (a nil value)" error below when you click the "Start a Party" button. Frankly, I just use CallToArms to monitor for groups and I've never used the grouping functionality. In fact, I'm thinking of removing the group/raid management stuff altogether. (..or maybe a CTA light?). The disc...
File: Call To Arms FanUpdate (Beta)12-05-08
Originally posted by Mooshroom I...
Posted By: ggman
Originally posted by Mooshroom I was actually looking into taking the mod apart a bit, get it to work with 3.x and rip out the advanced group management stuff because nobody really uses that anyway ;) Sorta like a CTAlight, just a channel parser and LFG/LFM display list. I was thinking the same thing it needs to be an L...