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File: Stuf Unit Frames (and Raid)05-24-11
rune bar issue
Posted By: Raskriall
hi, there's an issue with the rune system. at every login in game, stuf dont hide correctly the default rune bar. have to reloade UI twice each twice to remove it.
File: LUI v306-24-10
oUF not woorking with shaman
Posted By: Raskriall
i've tried your UI on my shaman, and getting errors all the time on oUF frame, it's displaying frames all white without any interactions. any idea to fix that ?
File: xrRunes (xuRunes)02-02-10
XuRune not working with pitbull 4
Posted By: Raskriall
i was unable to make pitbull 4 and Xurunes work together... any idea ?
File: Aloft05-02-09
position and anchor
Posted By: Raskriall
hi, dunno if there's any way to fix this or i'm just not looking at the right place in the waterfall, but is there any way to move the anchoring of health bar or any bar. Right now the health bar is always centered vertically in the frame and i cannot move it arround inside. some other module got the position problem, since anch...
File: DoTimer01-30-09
nice !
Posted By: Raskriall
just wanted to say nice job, great addons !! :D i was just wandering, is there a way to change the font ? there's so many options, i was unable to find it yet ! :) thx !
File: OPie11-28-08
DeathKnight and default ring
Posted By: Raskriall
Hi, i recently installer Opie and noticed that there's no default quest items ring for DeathKnight. any way to make one ? thx for the help ! :)