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File: Fat Droid06-07-10
Great Addon! thanks! In the next...
Posted By: Hidesato
Great Addon! thanks! In the next addon's updated please join a enabled/disabled button or command for the messages please. Fat Droid forever
File: ChatBar01-22-10
hey fantastic addon! :banana: Bu...
Posted By: Hidesato
hey fantastic addon! :banana: But how can i change the chatbar button size? itis very small for me :( Thanks
File: OmniCC12-12-09
The shamy spell fire nova dont show...
Posted By: Hidesato
The shamy spell fire nova dont show the CD for me, is my or addon error?
File: Nameplates Modifier11-30-09
Originally posted by domagotchi h...
Posted By: Hidesato
Originally posted by domagotchi he people, Im sorry to be asking this question....BUT.....how do I open the options/settings/config window ?? is there any?? thanx dj I need help too! My WoW is recently installed, after I installed this addon and into the game not there are config menu in interface > addon >_<
File: oUF_Freeb11-23-09
Posted By: Hidesato
Hey Freebaser great job! Can you help me please? I have got a problem... How can I limit the letters in cast bar menu and NPC names in target? see image thank you very much :banana:
File: ItemRackStun05-05-09
Re: Plugin; not Stand-Alone Addon
Posted By: Hidesato
Originally posted by Draake This is not a stand alone addon, but a plugin for the ItemRack addon. Currently, ItemRack (or anything, really; including blizzards own macros) doesn't deal very well when you get stunned/disarmed halfway through a swap, or when you try to start a swap while stunned/disarmed. This plugin hooks into I...
File: ItemRackStun05-04-09
Hi there. Sorry if this is a bi...
Posted By: Hidesato
Hi there. Sorry if this is a bit stupid but I really don't know how the addon works. How do I get it to change weapons? And how do I choose which weapon it changes to? Also, does it change back to the weapon I had equipped before when the disarm effect is over? Thanks.